Affordable Universities in the UK of 2024

Affordable Universities in the UK of 2024

Picture yourself studying in a country that has significantly contributed to the advancement of India’s education system – pretty exciting, isn’t it? The United Kingdom boasts a rich educational landscape that spans a wide array of disciplines, from architecture and science to art and history. With its diverse courses, cutting-edge teaching methods, and expert instructors, the UK offers a captivating student experience that is sure to broaden your horizons. When you study in UK universities, you’ll have the chance to engage with industry leaders, get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology, and receive invaluable professional guidance as you prepare to enter the workforce.

Affordable Universities in the UK of 2024

Moreover, for overseas students, UK universities also provide a variety of support services, including language and cultural support, academic support, and career guidance. Take advantage of these services to help you make the most of your time in the UK.

Affordable Universities in the UK

For many international students, studying in a foreign country can be a daunting task. To simplify your search for affordable universities in the UK, we’ve compiled a list of Affordable Universities in the UK, complete with their average tuition fees. This way, you won’t have to spend countless hours scouring university websites. Read on for our top picks of Affordable Universities in the UK that promise to make your academic journey both rewarding and cost-effective.


University Average Tuition fees (GBP)
University of Bolton 11,250/year
University of Cumbria 12,800/year
University of Chester 12,950/year
Teesside University 13,000/year
University of Bedfordshire 13,000/year
University of West London 13,250/year
University of Wolverhampton 13,950/year
Leeds Beckett University 14,000/year
University of Greenwich 15,100/year
University of Stirling 16,775/year

NOTE- Please note that the UK Universities list is based on average tuition costs and is subject to change depending on factors such as the city, level of education, and specific program. Now, let’s explore each of these universities in detail.

The University of Bolton

The University of Bolton was founded in 1824 as the Bolton Mechanics Institute and went through several changes before being granted degree-awarding powers in 1990 and being named the University of Bolton in 2005. There are more than 11,000 students enrolled right now.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 30th
  • Average Tuition Fee: £12,950 (UG), £12,950 (PG), £14,450 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Criminology, Midwifery, Animation, Fine Art
  • Location: Bolton

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The University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria was established in 2007 and has campuses in Carlisle, Lancaster, and Ambleside, all located in northwest England near the picturesque Lake District. Ofsted has rated the University’s specialist teacher education facility in London as one of the best in the UK. The University of Cumbria also maintains good ties with the local creative arts community, which benefits art, design, and media programs.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 114th
  • Average Tuition Fee: £13,575 (UG), £13,575-16,400 (PG), £15,375 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Art, Design, Media
  • Location: Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, London

The University of Chester

The University of Chester, founded in 1839 as Chester Diocesan Training College, began offering degrees in 2005. It has evolved over time and is now a dynamic institution dedicated to providing high-quality education. With approximately 16,000 enrolled students, it significantly impacts the academic environment.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 53rd
  • Average Tuition Fee: £9,250 (UG), £14,250 (PG), £13,950 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Finance, Archeology, Computer Science, Psychology, Theology
  • Location: Chester

Teesside University

Teesside University, granted full university status in 1992, is located in Middlesbrough, northeast England. With over 30,000 students, it was the first modern university to win a Times Higher Education Award.

Recognised for teaching excellence, it has received nine National Teaching Fellowships and was honoured with The Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2013 for outstanding enterprise and business engagement.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 80th
  • Average Tuition Fee: £15,000 (UG), £15,000 (PG), £14,300 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Graphic Design, Mechanical Engineering, Media
  • Location: Middlesbrough

The University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire, founded in 2006, is a thriving university located in Bedfordshire, England. With a broad student body, it provides a variety of academic programs. The university is dedicated to academic excellence and has an active campus community.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 122nd
  • Average Tuition Fee: £14,500 (UG), £12,799 (PG), £15,091 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Computer Science, Business Management, Biological Science, Biomedical Science
  • Location: Bedford

The University of West London

West London University, established as a polytechnic in 1860, gained university status in 1992. Situated in vibrant West London, it offers its students diverse academic programs. The university is committed to excellence and pivotal in higher education.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 32nd
  • Average Tuition Fee: £13,209 (UG & PG), £14,153 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Aviation, Business, Computing, Photography, Engineering
  • Location: London

The University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton, established in 1992, is located in Wolverhampton, England. With a broad student community, it provides a variety of programs. Committed to academic quality, the institution has a tremendous impact on influencing the educational landscape, promoting innovation, and contributing to the community.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 101st
  • Average Tuition Fee: £14,450 (UG), £15,950 (PG), £11,550 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Business Management, Hospitality Management, Law
  • Location: Wolverhampton

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University, founded in 1824 as the Leeds Mechanics Institute, attained university status in 1992. It is located in Leeds, United Kingdom, and has a diverse student body. It is known for its commitment to academic achievement, innovative research, and strong industry linkages.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 103rd
  • Average Tuition Fee: £12,269 (UG), £17,500 (PG), £17,500 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Accounting, Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Creative Technologies
  • Location: England

The University of Greenwich

Greenwich University, established in 1992, is in London, United Kingdom. Its commitment to academic excellence offers a diverse range of programs. The university fosters innovation and has a vibrant community, providing students with a conducive environment for learning and growth.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 116th
  • Average Tuition Fee: £16,150 (UG), £16,992 (PG), £17,445 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Computer Science, Engineering, MBA, Criminology, Forensics
  • Location: London

The University of Stirling

The University of Stirling, founded in 1967 in Scotland, is known for its academic quality and gorgeous campus. With a focus on innovation, it provides a varied choice of programs to its student population, providing a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Attribute Information

  • Guardian University Ranking 2024: 61st
  • Average Tuition Fee: £16,047 (UG), £19,823 (PG), £22,140 (MBA)
  • Popular Courses: Nursing, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Accounting and Finance
  • Location: Scotland

Cost of Living in UK

Sticking to a budget can be a primary concern for international students, given the substantial cost and time investment required for studying abroad. However, fear not – we’ve got you covered. When crafting your budget, be sure to factor in both tuition fees and living expenses.

Fortunately, these Cheapest Universities in the UK not only provide high-quality education but also offer affordable on-campus or off-campus accommodation options. The average annual cost of living near these universities ranges from £2,600 to £11,385, though this can vary depending on the type of accommodation you select.

Scholarships for International Students

Regarding funding education, what could be better than receiving financial assistance to cover your university tuition fees? Scholarships can help you in building your dream career without worrying about funds. The table below lists the Cheapest Universities in the UK for international students that provide scholarships so that you can easily manage your finances in the UK.

Cheap Universities in UK

University Scholarships
University of Bolton Stoller Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships, International Excellence Scholarships
University of Cumbria ‘GREAT’ Scholarship, Chevening Scholarships, DIKTI Scholarships, Snowdon Master’s Scholarships, Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarships
University of Chester International Alumni Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, DIKTI Scholarships, Goa Education Trust Scholarship, Snowdon Masters Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarship
Teesside University Global Excellence Scholarship, Teesside University Advance Alumni Scholarship, British Council GREAT Scholarships, British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM, Commonwealth Scholarships, UK government’s international awards scheme
University of Bedfordshire Undergraduate Scholarships and Discounts, Postgraduate Taught (excluding MBA), MBA Scholarships and Discounts, Postgraduate Research Scholarships and Discounts, Scholarships and Discounts for Engineering Students, Alumni Loyalty Scholarship
University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships, AMO Scholarship, The ‘Spike Stent Scholarship, The Anne Naysmith Scholarship, The Cathie Wallace Scholarship, The Ian Carter Scholarship
University of Wolverhampton Lord Paul Excellence Scholarships, GREAT Scholarships, The Commonwealth Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, International Academy Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship
Leeds Beckett University LBU: International Students Scholarship, Undergraduate Scholarship, Postgraduate Scholarship
University of Greenwich Sanctuary Scholarship, Greenwich Bursary, William Hills Scholarships, Visionary Scholarships, Ann Packer Sports Scholarships
University of Stirling Postgraduate India Scholarship, International Undergraduate scholarship, INTO Sterling Progression Scholarships, Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship


In conclusion, the paramount consideration for selecting a university should be the quality of education on offer and the potential for personal growth and development. The United Kingdom is unmatched in its ability to cater to students seeking both world-renowned, costly institutions as well as more Affordable Universities in the UK. If you are contemplating pursuing your academic aspirations in the UK, be sure to consider these universities as a means to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling stay.


  1. Q: Are these universities recognized globally?
  • A: Yes, all the universities mentioned have a global reputation for academic excellence.
  1. Q: How can I apply for scholarships at these universities?
  • A: Visit the official university websites for detailed information on scholarship applications.
  1. Q: Is it possible to work part-time while studying in the UK?
  • A: Yes, international students are usually allowed to work part-time during their studies.
  1. Q: What is the average duration of a master’s program in the UK?
  • A: Master’s programs typically last one year in the UK.
  1. Q: Can I bring my family to the UK while studying?
  • A: It depends on the type of visa you have. Check the UK government’s guidelines for family visas.


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