Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland is the CEO of Spling, Magnises, and Fyre Media. Billy McFarland rose to prominence as the organizer of the infamous Fyre Festival, which was staged to promote the Fyre music booking app. He defrauds finance of $27.4 million by advertising and selling passes to the celebration and other events.

How old is Billy McFarland?

McFarland was born on December 11, 1991, in New York City, New York, United States of America. He was later raised in Millburn, New Jersey. He will be 29 in 2021.

His full name is William Z. McFarland. His father’s name is Steven McFarland, and his mother’s name is Irene McFarland. He is a Christian and of white Caucasian ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Regarding his education, he graduated from the Pingry School in 2010. Later, he dropped out of Bucknell University. He used to study computer engineering.

How much is Billy McFarland’s net worth?

He is estimated to have a net worth of less than $5 million. His various organizations were his sources of income. He defrauded nearly $27 million by attracting the investor with a forged document. Aside from that, there is no information on his other assets. He was, however, imprisoned at FCI Elkton in Lisbon, Ohio. Furthermore, there have been no major accomplishments.

Is Billy McFarland married?

He’s straight and hasn’t married yet. It is known that he was in a relationship with Anastasia Eremenko. Aside from that, there is no information about his current relationship status or previous affairs.

Controversies of Billy McFarland

He was involved in numerous controversies involving money fraud. He is well-known for his deception in the Fyre Festival, where he deceived the public by telling them about the lavish villa and meal but then canceling the festival. Furthermore, famous rapper Ja Rule was duped by him.

After being released on bail, he engaged in fraud again by displaying forged documents in order to entice investors to invest $26 million in his company. He was later charged with selling bogus tickets to the Met Gala, Burning Man, and Coachella.

On October 11, 2018, he was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison. He is currently imprisoned at FCI Elkton in Lisbon, Ohio. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he requested compassionate release from jail in April 2020. As an asthmatic, he became vulnerable to the virus. However, his request was denied the following month. He tested positive for COVID-19 at the facility in July 2020.

How tall is Billy McFarland?

Billy stands 6 feet 4 inches (1.94 m) tall and weighs around 89 kg (196 lbs). He has a 16-inch bicep and a body measurement of 42-32-37 inches. He also has blue eyes and brown hair.

Career line of Billy McFarland

  • At the age of thirteen, he founded a company that connects clients with designers online. After dropping out of college, he co-founded the online commercial platform Spling, where he served as CEO. Spling was portrayed by Techcrunch as a content-sharing organization, similar to other administrations that existed at the time.
  • Furthermore, he purchased the organization Magnises with $1.5 million in funding, with the intention of creating an elite “black card” with social benefits, such as club membership, aimed at millennials in specific large cities.
  • He also established Fyre Media Inc., the parent company of the Fyre Festival. Fyre Media claimed to be worth $90 million in a term sheet sent to financial backers, but the organization only did about $60,000 in business.
  • Later, he founded the Fyre Festival, a luxury music festival in the Bahamas that also aimed to promote the Fyre music booking app. It was expected to have a luxurious villa and meals, but was instead given a tent and a sandwich.
  • The festival was later canceled due to poor management and misinterpretation. Later, a federal investigation and lawsuits in the United States were launched. The controversy was later documented in Hulu’s Fyre Fraud and Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.