Caspian Slyfox Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Caspian Slyfox
Full Name: Caspian Harper Brown
Age: 9 years
Birthday: 08 Feb
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Aquarius
Marital status: In-relation
Net Worth: $1 million- $5 million
Height: N/A
Profession: Youtuber , Instagram star
Sibling: Two(Jaedyn Slyfox and Sebastien)
Father: Andrew Slyfox
Mother: Hannah Slyfox

Caspian Slyfox is a YouTube star from the United States. Caspian Slyfox made his first appearance on YouTube through his family channel,’slyfox family.’ His first YouTube video was titled “OUR FIRST FAMILY VLOG EVER!!!” First Christmas Vlog!! SLYFOX FAMILY | Slyfox Family has over 111k views. Caspian Slyfox is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

How old is Caspian Slyfox?

Caspian Slyfox’s birth name is Caspian Harper-Brown. He is one of the most popular YouTubers born in February. Caspian, who is adorable, just had his birthday a week ago. Caspian was born on February 8th, 2012. Utah, in the United States of America, is Slyfox’s birthplace.

Slyfox has a family of four. He is the son of Andrew and Hannah Slyfox. His father, Andrew, is a family vlogger, musician, and entrepreneur. Speaking of his family, his parents got engaged after only 5 days of dating.

Caspian has an older sister named Jaedyn. Jaedyn is also a YouTuber, as she is featured on her family’s channel, ‘Slyfox family.’ In 2019, the Slyfox family gained a new member. Hannah gave birth to a baby boy. He was given the name Sebastien.

Caption: Youtuber, Caspian Slyfox
Caption: Youtuber, Caspian Slyfox (Photo: famouspeople)

Caspian is of American nationality and North American ethnicity. In terms of his childhood, he first appeared in ‘Slyfox Family’ when he was three years old. He doesn’t appear hesitant in front of the camera. Thus, his vlogs and other videos show that he is making the most of his childhood.

According to the video ‘CRAZY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! 2016 | Slyfox Family,’ young Slyfox is homeschooled. He is having a good time at school with the other kids.

How much is Caspian Slyfox’s Net Worth?

Caspian hasn’t received any awards yet because he’s so young for his age. However, one of his fans has given him a dog. He has won the most prestigious award of all: the adoration of the public.

Caspian is young, but his bank account dwarfs that of any famous person. Slyfox’s revenue sources include merchandise, YouTube, and sponsorship. Advertisers pay for the post because he has 208K followers so far. His fees range from $663.75 to $1,106.25. In addition, he earns between $12.9K and $206.1K from Youtube.

Caption: Caspian Slyfox
Caption: Caspian Slyfox (Photo: Popslider)

His merchandise prices range from $4 to $50 based on the demand of his followers. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to sources. Caspian’s net worth in 2020 has yet to be revealed.

Who is Caspian Slyfox’s Girlfriend?

Caspian’s age makes it inappropriate for him to be romantically involved with anyone. These days, kids their age are way ahead of us in every way. His parents manage all of the channels and are fully aware of what is being uploaded. According to the videos, his crush, Everleigh, has now become his girlfriend.

How tall is Caspian Slyfox?

Adorable Slyfox has reached the age of constant growth. We don’t know his exact height and weight. The fun-loving kid, on the other hand, has a lean and slim build. Caspian has light brown hair and eyes.

Caption: Caspian Slyfox
Caption: Caspian Slyfox (Photo: facebook)

Career line of Caspian Slyfox

  • Slyfox received a lot of love from viewers right away after his first video.
    ‘OUR FIRST FAMILY VLOG EVER!!! First Christmas Vlog!! SLY FOX FAMILY | SLYFOX FAMILY,’ which was uploaded on December 25, 2015, became his breakthrough. This video has 111k views and more than 2.2k likes.
  • So far, they’ve been posting vlogs of their vacations. Pranks, Caspian dying his hair, Kids in Disneyland, and other videos are also available. The majority of the videos are with kids.
  • ‘POOL PARTY EMERGENCY BEE STING! ‘ has received the most views to date.
  • On the 4th of July, they were celebrating Independence Day. They were grilling at home and throwing a pool party.
  • In the pool, Jaedyn was stung by a bee. Until now, this video has received 34 million views. His video as a mini Justin Bieber with @avefoley as Hailey Bieber is going viral right now.
  • Caspian has been in the spotlight due to videos such as ‘MEETING MINI COLE & SAV!! First Secret Crush With Everleigh!!’. MY FRIEND RIPPED MY TOOTH OUT!! ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE LETTER Valentine’s Day Surprise!! ‘, ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE LETTER Valentine’s Day Surprise!! ‘, ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE LETTER Valentine’s Day Surprise!! ‘, ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE LETTER Valentine’s Day Surprise!!’, ‘CASPIAN’S SECRET LOVE
  • Other Channels featuring the Caspian Slyfox family’s life no longer have a private life. They’ve almost uploaded everything related to their lives. Aside from the family channel, they have three others.
  • Another channel with Caspian and Jaedyn videos is ‘Jaedyn Slyfox.’
  • ’60 Seconds with Caspian,’ ‘Little Tikes SPIRALIN’ SEAS WATERPARK + See it in Action!’ were the videos a few years ago.
  • Whereas ‘DO NOT SMASH THE WRONG MYSTERY EASTER EGG! *expensive*’ and “Pop Pops Pets” Popping Bubbles with Slime Surprises Inside | Caspian Slyfox’ are the channel’s most recent videos
  • Aside from YouTube, his parents own a clothing line called ‘Slyfox Threads.’
  • Custom-made T-shirts, caps, bracelets, and other merchandise are available. Andrew Slyfox is the current CEO of the company, which he founded in 2014. Caspian modeled for one of the T-shirts with the print, ‘Girls are cool.’
  • Furthermore, his Instagram photo has drawn the attention of a large number of fan followers to him. Recreating a photo of famous celebrities, such as pop singer Justin Beiber, looks particularly good.