Celebrities Who Use Dating Apps

Celebrities are just like us. They’re human. And naturally, they’re curious about dating and exploring their interests. Sometimes, they go overboard with their curiosities and land in hot water with their fans and careers but sometimes they also give off meaningful sparks that foster amazing on and off-screen relationships.

We love to grasp the latest on these celebrities and their juicy details. Especially the ones who reach out to dating and social messengers. Let’s list the most eye-catching of the bunch.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin is a veteran in the game. Though, her medium of choice is quite unorthodox. Rather than having a dedicated dating app for her enjoyment. Cavallari is super into DMs and we bet she has them coming in by the dozens but there’s a catch to her filtering as well. The superstar only lets verified people with a blue tick slide into her DMs and then prop themselves up for shortlisting.

It’s a bit like thinking about New York Times Square during the Christmas season. No space to even budge. And quite rightly so because the star has gone to great lengths to keep her shape and her performance absolutely stunning.

Lilly Allen & David Harbour

The couple has been notorious for displaying lots of spicy PDAs but on top of that, they have also recently revealed how they kindled their love on a dating app. That’s right, the couple confessed on the Late Late Show with James Corden that they aren’t newbies to the dating app life.

Both of them began their lovey-dovey adventure by matching on an anonymous app and then met in person in London where they fell for each other…hard. Applications such as the one which got both of them lucky are relatively quite simple to handle.

All they need is a good internet connection to keep the love and interest flowing. CenturyLink plans provide their user with a supple amount of speed and data to enable them to find a partner in record time. With images, info, and all the details one could want about their significant another loading in at blistering speeds, there is no need to consider yourself with the internet once you get CenturyLink.

Bethenny Frankel

Frankel has been instrumental in promoting her critically acclaimed TV show, Real Housewives. But where the star was a content and powerful wife character in the show, she had to struggle around a little in real life to find the right partner. Frankel went as far as to confidently tell PEOPLE magazine that she doesn’t need dating apps to find the one for her.

Frankel now shamelessly admits that Paul Bernon, a 43-year-old successful businessman, swept her off her feet on the first date when he walked in. The lovebirds had a cute spark right from the start and now are parents to two children. In a nutshell, Frankel says her husband came “better than advertised.”

Adam Rippon

Dating apps have penetrated the lives of athletes too. Adam Rippon, an Olympic figure skater with impressive accolades to his name found his life partner while attending a competition. The athlete had been using dating apps to find the perfect guy for himself and fortunately swiped right on Jussi-Pekka Kajaala’s profile, falling for his charm and handsome looks. As a cherry on top, the duo got married in Finland where Kajaala is originally from.

Ripon shared their funny yet cute starting story saying that his significant other messaged him during his competition in Finland asking if he was there to compete or to meet him. And the rest is history. Boldness at its peak for Kajaala!

Drew Barrymore

The actress has been spreading smiles and cheers through her on-screen and off-screen performances. There’s just something so delightful about the way she talks and carries herself. Also not to dismiss how she has such a cute way of talking. That’s why it was always so surprising to hear her say back in 2020 that dating wasn’t for her.

She openly admitted that she wasn’t looking for a serious commitment with love but recently, after watching Bridgerton, something inside her flipped on. Maybe it was the scenes or maybe it was the story, but Barrymore got spun enough to make her download a dating app and avidly start searching for partners on it. This was also her big way of saying that she was back in the game and ready to get all romantic for the right person.

Kiernan Shapka

The fun and mischievous Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or by her real name, Kiernan Shapka is out on the hunt for a suitable match. The actress has confessed that it’s not easy looking for someone with similar tastes or anyone at all when you’ve been a child star in a popular Netflix series.

Of course, people will be scared. Questions including age are always lurking in the back of people’s minds and nobody wants to date an underage woman lest they want a ticket into hot water. Luckily, Shapka is none of that and is actively using Raya to hunt down a match that’s going to pique her adventurous soul.

Rebel Wilson

The unfiltered and sassy Rebel Wilson has had her tangle with dating apps in the past. Revealing to PEOPLE, she accepted that she’d tried out Raya. An exclusive dating app for high-profile singles who are looking for an equally high-profile partner.

Wilson also sneakily mentioned that a lot of her Pitch Perfect co-stars were using dating apps as well because hey, everyone deserves to get the exposure. Wilson has now left the app and deactivated her account but she did have fun with it for a while.


Dating apps are pretty instrumental for all sorts of people. As life gets more and more digital, we lose access to in-person socializing and constrict our luck to find suitable people. But with dating apps life is made easy. We get essential connections and then you can take it from there.