Charlie Shanian Biography

Charlie Shanian Biography

Writer and performer Charlie Shanian is from Peabody, Massachusetts. His brief marriage to Tori Spelling is possibly his most famous. The couple met in 2002 while Spelling was filming “Maybe Baby, It’s You” and married in a $1 million ceremony in 2004.

What is Charlie Shanian’s Net Worth?

Charlie Shanian appears to be worth $1.5 million. Entertainment sector acting and writing are his main sources of revenue.

Shanian has achieved fame and fortune through theater, screenwriting, and other creative works. While his income sources are unknown, his entertainment industry efforts may have boosted his net worth.

Quick Facts
Full Name: Charlie Shanian
Age: 58 Years
Birthday: 1965
Birthplace: Peabody
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: N/A
Wife: Elena Shahnaian
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Height: N/A
Profession: Actor and Writer
Sibling: N/A

How old is Charlie Shanian?

Born in 1965 in Peabody, Massachusetts, Charlie Shanian is an actor, writer, and director. His age is 58 as of 5/13/2023. Unfortunately, his birth date and birthday are unknown.

Charlie Shanian, an outstanding actor and writer, credits his family for shaping his life. Check out his parents and siblings.

Charlie’s mother, Barbara Shahnaian, has always supported him. Barbara’s background and job are unknown, but her love and encouragement helped Charlie succeed in the entertainment world.

Toros Shahnaian, Charlie’s father, has had a big impact on his life, as has his mother Barbara Shahnaian, and wife Elena. Toros keeps his personal and work life secret like his wife. However, his presence and leadership shaped Charlie.

Although Charlie Shanian’s siblings are unknown, they appear to be close. Siblings provide friendship, support, and shared experiences that help people grow.


Charlie Shanian, born in 1965, grew up in Massachusetts. He discovered his love of performing arts at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School. Shanian chose acting and writing because of his talent and perseverance.

Who is Charlie Shanian’s Wife?

Tori Spelling married Charlie Shanian briefly. Spelling met her in Los Angeles in 2002 while appearing in his play “Maybe Baby, It’s You,” and they married on July 3, 2004, in a million-dollar ceremony.

Charlie Shanian
Caption: Charlie Shanian and his ex-wife Tori’s wedding picture (Photo: BGSIRS.Org)

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted 15 months. Following Spelling’s adultery, Shanian filed for divorce. Divorce completed April 20, 2006. Shanian was resentful of their breakup. He then said he had forgiven Spelling.

Spelling met Shanian after eight years to find closure on her reality show “True Tori,” which chronicled their divorce and emotional journey. Spelling broke down at this meeting.

Before divorcing, Charlie Shanian married Tori Spelling from July 2004 until April 2006. Spelling met writer Shanian in Los Angeles in 2002 while appearing in his play “Maybe Baby, It’s You”.

Spelling grew up in Monte Carlo nightclubs, whereas Shanian had a more modest childhood. Media coverage of their million-dollar wedding was extensive. Spelling’s affair with Dean McDermott, Shanian’s future husband, led to their divorce.

Following their marriage and family, Spelling and McDermott starred in various reality shows. Spelling broke down in tears after speaking about her past actions after seeing Shanian again after eight years.

Shanian frankly discussed his marriage to Spelling and her connection with McDermott on “The Dr. Keith Ablow Show”. Spelling’s 2016 affair with McDermott led to her divorce from Shanian.

American actor and writer Charlie Shanian is happily married to Elena Shahnaian after divorcing Tori Spelling. They are creating a loving, companionable life.

Elena Shahnaian, who won Charlie Shanian’s heart, is exceptional. While Elena’s background and job are unknown, their relationship shows their happiness and closeness.

Charlie and Elena are proud parents of two lovely children and a loving partnership. The couple enjoys and takes on raising their children, providing a loving and supportive home.

Charlie Shanian
Caption: He is with his family (Photo: BGSIRS.Org)

Charlie Shanian Professional Line

  • Charlie Shanian is an American actor, writer, and producer who works in cinema and TV.
  • He was born in 1965 in Peabody, Massachusetts. Shanian became famous for playing Deputy Mike Moran in “10-8: Officers on Duty”.
  • He appeared in “The Swap” (2016) and “Bullet” (2014).
  • There is no information in the search results about Tori Spelling’s ex-husband Charlie Shanian being an entrepreneur or affiliated with Group 1200.

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