Daniela Zanardi

Daniela Zanardi is an Italian celebrity wife. Daniela Zanardi captured the attention of the media and the general public after he was identified as the wife of Alex Zanardi, a professional racing driver and paracyclist.

How old is Daniela Zanardi?

The celebrity wife was born in 1969 in Italy. She must be 52 years old right now, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Similarly, her given name is Daniela Manni. Daniela is an Italian citizen with an Italian ethnicity. Daniela is also a Christian.

In terms of education, the celebrity wife attended a local Italian school. She has a Bachelor’s degree from college. Daniela Zanardi has been very private about her personal life, so there is no more information about her parents, siblings, education, and many other things.

How much does Daniela Zanardi earn?

Daniela Zanardi must have earned some money in the last few days. But, for the time being, she is unemployed. As a result, Daniela lacks both a net worth and a salary. Her husband, Alex Zanardi, has a good net worth of around $5 million, which he has earned through his career as a professional racing driver and para cyclist. Currently, the entire family is living a happy life and is not experiencing any financial difficulties.

Is Daniela Zanardi dating someone?

The wedding of Daniela and Alex Zanardi took place in 1996. She changed her name from her given name to her married name after marrying Alex Zanardi. Niccolo Zanardi is the couple’s son. He was born on September 7, 1998, and he is a boy. Daniela Zanardi is currently managing her house and fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother. Daniela has been less visible in public, so she has not been involved in any contentious issues to this day.

How tall is Daniela Zanardi?

In terms of physical appearance, the celebrity wife is 5 feet 4 inches tall, or 163 cm or 1.63 height tall on average. Daniela also weighs 50 kg (110 lbs). Similarly, she has black eyes and blonde hair. Her hair is also naturally brown. Furthermore, Daniela Zanardi’s body measurements, dress size, and shoe size are still unknown. Daniela has a fair complexion and a lovely face, according to what is known so far.

 Career line of Daniela Zanardi

  • Daniela Zanardi has not mentioned or revealed anything about her career or the professions she has held. Daniela is currently a housewife who is preoccupied with her house and family. She has been taking care of her husband’s and son’s health and needs.
  • The celebrity wife rose to prominence following her marriage to Alex Zanardi, a talented racing driver and paracyclist. Aside from that, Daniela participates in fundraising events for social awareness programs.
  • Alessandro Zanardi is a professional racing driver as well as a para cyclist, as previously stated. He won the CART championship in both 1997 and 1998. Alex even took fifteen victories in the series. He even raced in Formula One from 1991 to 1994, as well as in 1999.
  • Alex’s best result was a sixth-place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1993. Then, in the year 2001, Alex returned to CART. However, a massive crash in the American Memorial in 2001 resulted in the amputation of his legs.
  • Alex returned to racing in less than two years after the accident. In 2003–2004, he competed in the European Touring Car Championship. Then, between 2005 and 2009, he competed in the World Touring Car Championship once more, winning four races.
  • Furthermore, Alex Zanardi competed in hand cycling competitions, which are a type of paralympic cycling, with the stated goal of representing Italy at the Summer Paralympics in 2012. In September 2011, Zanardi won his first senior international hand cycling medal.
  • The racer also took silver in the H4 categorization time trial at the UCI World Road Para-Cycling Championships. Furthermore, in September 2012, Alex won gold medals in both the individual H4 time trial and the individual H4 road race at the London Paralympics.
  • It came after he won a silver medal in the mixed H1-4 team relay. In addition, he won a gold and a silver medal at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro in September 2016.
  • Apart from his racing career, Zanardi is also a writer. He wrote the first chapters of Steve Olvey’s books, who was the previous CART medical director. It also includes Rapid Response: My Inside Story as a Motor Racing Life Saver. Similarly, he has co-written two books about his life.
  • One of them is “Alex Zanardi: My Story” from 2004, co-written with Gianluca Gasparini, and the other is “Alex Zanardi: My Sweetest Victory” from the same year. Alex Zanardi and his story were also featured on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”
  • Alex Zanardi died in a car accident on June 19, 2020, while competing in the Obiettivo Tricolore Italian national road race for paralympic athletes. The fatal accident occurred on State Highway 146 between Pienza and San Quirico.
  • According to one source, the racer was falling down a hill when he lost control of his handbike and collided with a truck. The accident causes him to sustain critical facial and cranial injuries. After Alex’s competitors helped to raise the alarm, emergency personnel arrived at the scene, and the racer was airlifted to Siena’s Santa Maria alle Scotte Hospital.
  • Alex received comprehensive care for his severe head trauma. It was announced that Alex Zanardi was giving some signs of communication in September 2020, but he had to undergo several operations to repair his face. In November 2020, Alex Zanardi was transferred to a hospital in Padua, which is not far from his house, to resume his recovery.
  • Then it was revealed that Alex would be able to hear and see everything in December 2020. He was also able to respond to questions nonverbally.
  • Similarly, Alex gradually improved his ability to shake hands on demand. Finally, in January 2021, it was announced that Alex would be able to speak again following a waking surgery.