Deborah Reed Biography

Deborah Reed Biography

What Will Deborah Reed’s Net Worth Be in 2023?

Deborah Reed’s current net worth is a closely guarded secret. We do not have accurate details regarding her yearly salary, her net worth, or the side business she operates.

As new information about her salary or monthly income becomes available on the web, we will update the relevant information on this page. However, it is believed that she would have a net worth of $55 million by the year 2023.

Quick Facts
Full Name: Deborah Reed
Age: 63 Years
Birthday: United States
Birthplace: 29th of October 1950
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: N/A
Husband: Ving Rhames
Net Worth: $55 Million
Height: N/A
Profession: Actress
Sibling: N/A

Deborah Reed is well-known actress in the United States. In the 1990 film Troll 2, which is considered classic in the cult movie community, She played the role of the Queen of Goblins.

How old is Deborah Reed?

Deborah will be 63 years old by the year 2023, having been born in the United States on the 29th of October 1950. Deborah Claire Reed is her birth name, and she is of English ancestry. In a similar manner, she identifies her religion as Christianity.

Deborah Reed
Caption: Her young picture (Photo: MUBI)

Since she was 15 years old, we have known that her family relocated to Lafayette, California. Aside from this rudimentary information, we have no idea who her parents are, nor do we know anything about her siblings or other relatives.

Regarding her educational history and qualifications, we do not have any information about either of those things in our possession. As soon as we have it, we will make the necessary changes to the page.

Who is Deborah Reed’s Husband?

Deborah’s relationship with Ving Rhames is that of a married couple. After going out together for quite some time, the couple finally tied the knot on December 25th, 2000.

In a similar vein, they have enjoyed a lovely and happy married life, and they have been blessed with three children: two girls and a boy.

Deborah Reed
Caption: She is with her husband Ving Rhames (Photo: IMDb)

Tiffany and Reign were the two baby girls who were born in 2000, and Freedom Rhames was the baby boy who was born in 2002. According to the reports of the media, they keep their relationship a closely guarded secret.

How tall is Deborah Reed?

Regarding her personal information, she maintains a high level of discretion. As a result, she has not divulged any details regarding her physical attributes, including her height and weight.

In addition to this, she possesses a pair of dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that is curly. She has a radiant appearance, both in her face and figure, and both are very appealing.

Deborah Reed Professional Line

  • Deborah was very young when she first launched her professional career.
  • In the movie “Pillow Talk,” she played the role of Yvette.
  • It was in her very first move that she received the genuine support she needed.
  • After that, she made her debut in her very first film, Educated Heart, which, sadly, was never made public.
  • Her family relocated to Spokane in 1970, and it was there that she got her start in musical theater, appearing in shows including “Hello, Dolly!” and “Oliver!” While she was working, she improved her skills in order to become a director and a playwright.
  • After that, in 1980, she became a member of the well-known McCarty Agency, where she worked for over twenty years as a print model, actor, and makeup artist, in addition to appearing in television commercials.
  • Following that, she got the part of Creedence Leonore Gielgud in Troll 2, which she played.
  • It is a film that was released in 1990 and was directed by Claudio Fragoso, who is an Italian director.
  • She quit the sector in 1997 and began working as an executive assistant for United States Congressman Merrill Cook between the years of 1997 and 2000.
  • In a similar vein, she began laboring on her book Flump in the year 2016.

Social Media

She uses her many social media sites frequently. On her Twitter account, Deborah has more than 2.8 thousand followers, indicating that she is quite popular.

In a similar manner, she has 27 thousand followers on her Facebook page and a large number of subscribers on YouTube, which has resulted in 38 thousand views. On social media, there is a significant and growing number of people who are her fans and followers.

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