Denise Lombardo Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Denise Lombardo
Full Name: Denise Lombardo
Age: 58
Birthday: November 11, 1963
Nationality: American
Horoscope: N/A
Husband: Jordan
Net Worth: $3 million
Profession: N/A
Sibling: N/A
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

It is difficult to assemble the spotlight. It needs devotion and difficult work. Indeed, there are additionally a few people who have procured a huge acknowledgment through their mate’s notoriety. A similar case is with the previous spouse of American entertainer Jordan Belfort, Denise Lombardo. Before she wedded Belfort, she utilized work in the Sales division.

Early Life of Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo was born on November 11, 1963, in Ohio, USA, to Italian parents Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo. She grew up with two sisters, Deanna and Lisa Scordato. She also had a brother named Paul. Despite the fact that she was born in Italy to Italian parents, she is an American citizen, and her ethnicity is Caucasian white.

Caption: Denise Lombardo
Caption: Denise Lombardo (Photo: famouspeople)

Denise didn’t share the location of her parents’ job because she was very private about her life and didn’t want to bring it into the spotlight. Denise was born in Ohio but spent the majority of her life in New York. She graduated from high school in New York. The name of the high school is unknown.

Educational Background of Denise Lombardo

Adelphi University awarded her a degree in English Literature in 1984. According to rumors, she also enrolled at Columbia University. She was a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity at the time. Fraternities and sororities are social groups or organizations that undergraduate students join at colleges or universities.

In 1987, she graduated from Townson University in Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the same university in 1992. According to some reports, Denise Lombardo enrolled in a course on merchandising and purchasing operations at the ‘Fashion Institute of Technology.’ According to sources, she holds a master’s degree in ‘Educational Leadership and Administration General’ from Australian Catholic University.

When Did Denise Lombardo get Married?

Denise met Jordan Belfort in high school. She was studying merchandising, whereas Jordan was just a door-to-door meat salesman. They fell in love and became high school sweethearts. Denise married Jordan in 1985, during his difficult period. They married in a traditional ceremony. The location of the wedding venue and its cost are unknown.

Denise and Jordan were going through a financial crisis in the early stages of their marriage. Jordan even declared bankruptcy. Denise stood by him through thick and thin. She aided him in any way she could. Jordan later got into the stock market. Jordan and his business partner, Danny Porush, were financially successful and purchased Stratton Oakmont for $250,000. Within a year, he had made $3 million. Jordan began attending high-end parties and having multiple affairs with women after achieving success, which had an impact on Denise’s marriage.

Caption: Denise Lombardo
Caption: Denise Lombardo (Photo: famouspeople)

Denise and Jordan’s relationship deteriorated after he was discovered having an affair with a British model, Nadine Caridi. Jordan met Nadine at a similar high-end party, where she was introduced by her boyfriend. Jordan and Denise divorced in 1991 as a result of Jordan’s extramarital affair.

Denise was truly heartbroken. They didn’t have any children, but Denise received a portion of the divorce settlement. The amount is unknown, but coming from a wealthy stockbroker, we expect it to be a sizable sum. Jordan married Nadine following his divorce from Denise. He had two children with her: Carter Belfort and Chandler Belfort.

Jordan was charged with fraud and stock-market manipulation in 1995. He was incarcerated for 22 months. This incident resulted in a downturn in Belfort’s career as well as his marriage. As a result of the domestic violence and infidelity, Nadine filed for divorce. She and Jordan divorced in 2005.

Jordan is now married to businesswoman Anne Koppe. Denise also found true love and married a man named Mladly in 1994. Mladly was Denise’s boyfriend before she met Jordan. Denise and Mladly now have a happy ending and live a private life in New York City.

How much is Denise Lombardo Net Worth?

Denise Lombardo has a net worth of $3 million, which she earned through her career as a real estate agent and other jobs she has held in the past. Her net worth also includes the money she received as part of her divorce settlement from her multi-millionaire ex-husband.

Caption: Denise Lombardo
Caption: Denise Lombardo (Photo: Vergewiki)

Denise Lombardo’s Career Line

  • Denise is a woman who has persevered in the face of adversity in order to support her family.
  • She put her education to good use by working in the sales department of Modern Medical Systems Company from 1993 to 2000. She also worked as a flooring specialist for the Home Depot Company from 2000 to 2010. She also worked for Smith and Nephew Company from 2006 to 2008.
  • According to some reports, she has also worked in sales at high-end fashion projects such as Genny-Byblos, Blu Marine by Anna Molinari, Stefano Bravo, and Laurevan Shoe.
  • Denise has been a real estate agent since 2010. After some time, she was also issued a real estate license. Denise has established herself in the real estate industry. She was also involved in sales in the Southeast.