Greta Kukkonen Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Greta Kukkonen
Full Name: Greta Kukkonen
Age: 30 years
Birthday: 25 Jan
Nationality: Finnish-American
Horoscope: Aquarius
Marital status: Divorce
Net Worth: $1.3 million
Height: N/A
Profession: Real Estate Broker
Kids: Three (Jonathan, Stephen, and Carey)
Divorce: Two (Charles Rice and Gregory Peck)
Ethnicity: Mixed

Greta Kukkonen was a stunning Finnish-American real estate broker. Greta Kukkonen also made headlines after becoming Gregory Peck’s first wife.

How old is Greta Kukkonen?

Greta Kukkonen was born on January 25, 1991 in Helsinki, Finland. Her full name is Eine Matilda Kukkonen. Similarly, she was of mixed Finnish and American nationality. Greta’s family immigrated to the United States in 1983. Regarding the broker’s educational background, she attended Finlandia University and received an honorary doctorate in 1994.

Greta died on January 19, 2008, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. She was 96 years old at the time. Greta died just 6 days before her 97th birthday. Greta’s death had to be due to old age. Gregory, her ex-husband, died in June 2003 at the age of 87. He dies in his sleep from bronchopneumonia.

How much does Greta Kukkonen earn?

Greta was a real estate broker who rose to prominence after marrying Gregory Peck, a popular actor. Her net worth was estimated to be $1.3 million. Greta also ran a beauty salon and an estate agency.

Her organization was conscientiously working on charitable projects such as collecting funds for Finnish Second World War veterans. Furthermore, the Finnish government honored her with the Order of the White Rose in 1967 for her contributions.

Who is Greta Kukkonen married to?

Greta Kukkonen’s first husband was Charles Rice. After marrying Gregory Peck, she changed her name to Greta Peck. The couple married in October 1942, and their marriage ended on December 26, 1975. Jonathan (1944-1975), Stephen (1945), and Carey (1945) were their three sons (1949).

Furthermore, their eldest son, Jonathan, a television journalist, committed suicide on June 26, 1975, at the age of thirty. Peck’s grandson is actor Ethan Peck. While Greta and Gregory Peck were married, Peck was having an affair with his co-star Ingrid Bergman. Furthermore, he confessed the affair to People’s Brad Darrach in a 1987 interview, saying, “All I can say is that I had a real love for her [Bergman], and I think that’s where I ought to stop… I was young. She was a young woman. For weeks, we were involved in close and intense work.”

Peck married Véronique Passani after his divorce from Greta on New Year’s Eve, 1955. Their marriage lasted from 1932 to 2012. Anthony Peck was born in 1956, and Cecilia Peck was born in 1958.

How tall is Greta Kukkonen?

Greta Kukkonen had a slim body type with a beautiful face. She had lovely blue eyes and grey hair. Similarly, she had a fair complexion and large eyes. Greta’s body measurements, weight, and height are not yet known.

She was, however, in good health, despite the fact that she had been alive for nearly 97 years. Furthermore, Greta was no less than any other actress in terms of her fashion sense, appearance, and personality.

Career line of Greta Kukkonen

  • Kukkonen even changed her name to Greta when she was a child in the United States. She has to do this because her teacher at the time was unable to pronounce her given name, Eine. Greta Peck, also known as Kukkonen, worked in a variety of capacities throughout her career.
  • He worked as a hairdresser, real estate agent, and business owner, as well as doing charity work for war veterans and others.
  • Greta was awarded the 1967 First Class Medal of the Order of the White Rose of Finland for her generosity and hard work.
  • Kukkonen was also a volunteer member of the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce. She also received a voluntary doctorate from the Finnish College in 1994.
  • Greta could speak Finnish even when she was older, though not as well as she could when she was in Finland.
  • Greta also surprised Erkki and Ilona Kannon, who had written a book about Greta herself, by speaking with them in clear Finnish. In terms of her ex-career, husband’s his full name is Eldred Gregory Peck, and he was born on April 5, 1916. Gregory Peck was an American actor.
  • He was a well-known actor from the 1940s to the 1960s. Gregory was named by the American Film Institute as one of the 25 Greatest Male Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema in 1999, ranking second. He began appearing in stage productions after completing his studies at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Sanford Meisner.
  • At the time, he had appeared in over 50 plays and three Broadway productions.
  • The 1944 drama “The Keys of the Kingdom” brought the actor critical acclaim. John M. Stahl directed this drama, which helped Gregory receive his first Academy Award nomination. Similarly, Peck appeared in a number of successful films, including the 1944 romantic-drama “The Valley of Decision,” 1945’s “Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound,” and 1946’s “The Yearling.”
  • Then, near the end of the 1940s, he gained some experience in lukewarm commercial reviews. In addition, he appeared in 1947’s “The Paradine Case” and 1948’s “The Great Sinner.”
  • Following that, Peck rose to international prominence in the 1950s and 1960s. He was presenting back-to-back in the 1951 book-to-film adaptation of “Captain Horatio Hornblower” and the 1951 biblical drama “David and Bathsheba.”
  • Fortunately, both of them were commercial successes. Furthermore, Peck co-starred with Ava Gardner in 1952’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” and Audrey Hepburn in 1953’s “Roman Holiday”). As a result of this, Peck received a Golden Globe nomination.
  • Furthermore, films in which Peck appeared include “Moby Dick” (1956, and its 1998 mini-series), “The Big Country” (1958), “The Guns of Navarone” (1961), and “Cape Fear” (1962). (1962, and its 1991 prequel).
  • In addition, “How the West Was Won” from 1962, “The Omen” from 1976, and “The Boys from Brazil” from 1978. Throughout Peck’s career, he was frequently featured as a protagonist with “fiber” in a moral setting. The 1947 film “Gentleman’s Agreement” dealt with antisemitism, while Peck’s role in “Twelve O’Clock High (1949)” dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder during World War II.
  • In addition, Gregory won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1962 for his portrayal of Atticus Finch in the film “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It was a transformation of the modern classic of the same name, which revolved around racial discrimination, for which Peck received universal acclaim.
  • In 1983, he co-starred with Christopher Plummer in “The Scarlet and The Black,” playing Hugh O’Flaherty. During World War II, the role of a catholic priest was to secure a number of escaped Allied POWs and Jewish people in Rome.
  • Aside from the entertainment industry, Peck was also involved in politics, where he challenged the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947.
  • He was regarded as President Richard Nixon’s political rival. Furthermore, President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Gregory the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969 for his lifetime generosity. Unfortunately, the actor died at the age of 87.