What is Heather Tallchief Age? Son, Net Worth 2023

Heather Tallchief, a native of Buffalo, New York, is one of the most divisive individuals in the country. On October 1, 1993, Heather pulled off the biggest robbery in Las Vegas history, making off with $3.1 million USD in a Loomis armored truck. She instantly rose to fame.

Facts of Heather Tallchief
Full Name: Heather Tallchief
Age: 49 years old
Birthday: 1972
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
Gender: Female
Husband: Roberto Solis
Net Worth: $2 million
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Profession: Former Nurse, Driver

What is Heather Tallchief Net Worth?

As of 2021, Heather Catherine Tallchief has a net worth of around $2 million. After committing the ideal crime, Tallchief rose to the status of becoming the most sought-after lady in America. On July 14, 2021, Netflix aired Heist, a show based on her crime, bringing her name back into the public eye.

Heather Tallchief
Caption: Heather Tallchief
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Lisa Lord and Emree Franklin, two lovely actresses, played Heather Tallchief. This drama-documentary series was directed by Martin Desmond Roe, Derek Doneen, and Nick Frew.

What is Heather Tallchief Age?

Although her exact birthday is unknown, she was 21 years old when the heist was carried out in October 1993, making her a native of Buffalo, New York, in the United States, born in 1972. Heather Tallchief will therefore be 49 years old in 2021. Her full name at birth is Heather Catherine Tallchief.

Heather Tallchief
Caption: Heather Tallchief
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This person graduated with honors from Williamsville South High School. Tallchief’s parents, siblings, and siblings’ names are not mentioned online, thus I am unaware of who they are. Her parents’ only known fact is that they separated when she was a very young child.

Who is Heather Tallchief Husband?

After leaving the US, she and her companion remained together for two months. At the time, she was expecting their first child together. Their son, Dylan Eaton, was born to them. He left Heather and their child behind and is still at large. She stated at her hearing that she was influenced by her then-boyfriend Roberto Solis when she did such a horrific crime. The source claims that he was a convicted murderer who killed a security guard. He was carrying out a robbery in 1969 when the incident took place.

Heather Tallchief
Caption: Heather Tallchief
( Photo: NBC News)

Prior to his release on parole in 1992, he had served 17 years in jail for his crime. In fact, Heather told the police that she had merely taken some pocket money and jewelry. She was unable to register her son under his given name due to her crime.

Tallchief’s primary motivation for giving up was to provide her child a better life. because she does not yet know who her child is. She and Dylan are great friends, and Dylan graduated from college in 2019.