Janae Johnston

Janae Johnston is the youngest and fifth child of famous YouTubers Kendra and Jeremy. Janae Johnston is a member of the YouTube family channel J House Vlogs.

Who is Janae Johnston?

Janae Johnston is four years old as of 2o21. She was born on March 1, 2017, in Kansas City, Missouri, under the zodiac sign Pisces. Her father, Jeremy Johnston, and mother, Kendra Johnston, are both YouTubers. Similarly, her father is a lawyer. Her family consists of four elder siblings, as well as two older sisters, Laura and Elise. Caleb and Isaac are the brothers of her two other older siblings.

Her parents enjoy parenting their five kids together with joy and happiness. As stated in their YouTube channel introduction video, they are an imperfect family striving for a happy home filled with love and meaningful connections. She considers herself extremely fortunate and fortunate to be growing up in a wonderful Johnston family, learning, serving, and playing together.

Similarly, she is of American nationality but has not disclosed anything about her ethnic background. She should be starting kindergarten at three years old, but she and her four siblings are homeschooled.

What is Janae Johnston Net Worth?

Speaking of Janae Johnston, a young child of the J Hoise vlog, she may have earned a sizable sum of money through her videos on her family channel. As a result, her family channel’s net worth from YouTube videos is estimated to be around $6.3 million as of February 2020.

J House vlog has already uploaded 1,398 videos, totaling more than 2.1 billion views, and creates 13 new videos every month on average. She has a significant role on the family channel and lives a lavish lifestyle with her family.

Personal Life of Janae Johnston

Janae Johnston is a three-year-old girl who is too young to be in a romantic relationship. According to her parents’ relationship, they married on January 2, 2005. They’d been dating since August of 2004.

How tall is Janae Johnston?

She has a cute appearance and a charming personality. Her exact height and weight are not yet known, but due to her age, she will grow and her body stats will change on a regular basis. Nonetheless, she will be a very beautiful and attractive girl in the future. Similarly, she has green eyes and blonde hair.

Career line of Janae Johnston

  • Janae is a YouTuber from the channel “J House Vlogs.” This channel is run by her parents and siblings. “J House vlogs” was created on August 14, 2014, prior to her arrival in this world. When she was born, the family’s YouTube channel had over 700,000 subscribers.
  • They now have over 2 million subscribers. Her father had the idea to start this channel to document their lives with children on it. Her mother, Kendra, was initially hesitant, but later agreed to the plan.
  • Similarly, her mother launched another YouTube channel called “Mom Stuff” on July 8, 2016, where Janae has been featured since her mother discovered she was pregnant with her.
  • Janae’s birth was announced in the YouTube video “Kids REACT to PREGNANCY,” which has over two million views.
  • When her mother was pregnant with Janae, she posted a video titled “Live Pregnancy Test!” She has kept all of her pregnancy details up to date until Janae’s birth.
  • She is one of the most fortunate kids in the J vlogs family, having been featured on her mother’s channel from an early age.
  • Similarly, she has appeared in almost all of the videos on the channel J House Vlogs. This channel posts videos about various aspects of daily life that have been captured, and the videos are also quite entertaining to watch.
  • Furthermore, the father has another channel called J House Law.
  • Furthermore, growing up in a YouTuber family, she will undoubtedly pave the way for her future career as a well-known Youtuber with her own interesting content.