Who is Joe Pantoliano Wife? Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Kids & Career

Facts of Joe Pantoliano
Full Name: Joe Pantoliano
Age: 70 years old
Birthday: September 12, 1951
Birthplace: Hoboken, New Jersey
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Virgo
Wife: Joe Pantoliano
Net Worth: $10 million
Height: 5ft 9 In
Profession: American character actor

Character actor Joseph Peter Pantoliano was born in the United States on September 12, 1951. He has performed in more than 150 movies, television programs, and stage productions.

What is Joe Pantoliano Age?

As of today, July 9, 2022, Joe Peter Pantoliano, who was born on , September 12, 1951, is 70 years old. A well-known actor with a long list of film and television credits is Joe Pantoliano. Joe Peter Pantoliano, sometimes known as Joe Pants, was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. Mary and Dominic Pantoliano’s son Joe is a Pantoliano.

Joe Pantoliano
Caption: Joe Pantoliano
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Joe Pantoliano obtained his high school diploma from Cliffside Park. He, on the other hand, had dyslexia and had academic difficulties. Joe continued his education at HB Studio, where he made friends with renowned actors like Herbert Berghof.

What is Joe Pantoliano Height?

His height is 1.76 meters, and his weight is 74 kilos. After making an appearance in the comedy Risky Business, Joe Pantoliano became well-known. Joe gained notoriety after playing Cypher in The Matrix and the evil Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, which propelled him to fame in 1999.

For his performance as Ralph Cifaretto in The Sopranos, Joe was awarded a Primetime Emmy. After making an appearance in The Matrix, Joe gained notoriety.

Who is Joe Pantoliano Wife?

Nancy Sheppard, a former model, is married to Joe Pantoliano. The couple’s six children are Michelle, Isabella, Daniella, Marco, Melody, and Bobby. Morgan Kester, whom he wed in 1979 and regrettably divorced in 1985, was his previous wife.

Joe Pantoliano
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Joe Pants disclosed to the National Alliance on Mental Illness that he has been battling serious depression for almost ten years. He made this announcement to help others who were having similar problems ( stigmas and mental illnesses). To inform the broader public about mental illness, Joe founded the nonprofit No Kidding, Me Too. He organized the entertainment sector to create a successful campaign to raise awareness of mental illness. Additionally, Joe is producing a film about mental illness.

The sopranos were, in Joe Pantoliano’s words, “hitting on him.” Women developed an obsession with Pantoliano as a result of a television episode of The Sopranos. To avoid being recognized by the public and his fans in reaction, he wore a wig. On May 1, 2020, Joe was regrettably struck by a car while he was crossing the street. It resulted in a concussion and chest trouble.

What is Joe Pantoliano Net Worth?

As of July 2022, Joe Peter Pantoliano’s net worth is anticipated to be about $10 million. His salary hasn’t been made public yet. His net wealth is untrue, nevertheless.

Joe has an estimated net worth of more than $10 million due to his successful acting career and lucrative roles in movies like The Matrix and Bad Boys II. He wants to keep his private life away from the media, thus there are many various estimations of his net worth, all of which are unreliable. It is also unknown what other material possessions and investments he owns.

An outstanding actor named Joe Peter Pantoliano overcame dyslexia to follow his passion and his talent. He continued to pursue his playing and acting goals despite his mental illness and addiction. This sets him apart and makes him someone to aspire to.

Joe Pantoliano’s Career Line

Joe Pantoliano
Caption: Joe Pantoliano with his Family
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  • Additionally a published author, Joe Pantoliano. His memoirs include Who’s Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-up Guy, Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery, and Being My Mother’s Son, Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression, and Brain Dis-Ease. He discusses his sex, food, and alcohol addictions in Asylum. Joe composed this after receiving a clinical depression diagnosis.
  • Joe has made several film and television appearances.
  • In addition to the double-crossed mafioso Caesar in Bound, the double-crossing bail bondsman in the comedy Midnight Run, and Deputy US Marshal Cosmo Renfro in The Fugitive, he has portrayed Captain Conrad Howard in Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, and Bad Boys for Life.
  • In Wendy Mass (2012), Joe Pantoliano played the oddball pawnbroker Oswald Oswald.
  • He played Yogi Berra in the Broadway production of Bronx Bombers the next year, but he was forced to depart due to some miscommunications.
  • In the Broadway version of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, Joe Pantoliano filled in for Stanley Tucci. Joe is a well-known actor because of his roles in more than 155 movies and TV shows.
  • Joe Pantoliano has a long record of accomplishments, including roles in numerous movies and TV shows.
  • He won a Primetime Emmy in 2003 for his performance in The Sopranos in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.
  • Along with this, he has received other awards in past years, including Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2002 and 2004.
  • He received awards for a number of awards in 1997, including the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Drama and the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.