Joewoahy is a YouTuber and Instagrammer from Canada. Joewoahy is well-known for his YouTube channel of the same name. On YouTube, he is well-known for his vlogs, challenges, reacting, gaming, and Ask Joewoahy videos.

How old is Jeleniewska?

Joewoahy, a 20-year-old social media personality, was born on March 10, 2000 in Canada. His father’s and mother’s names are unknown. He also has an older sister, but her name is unknown as well. Similarly, nothing is known about his religion. He is of Italian-Spanish ethnicity and is a Canadian nationality. Pisces is his astrological sign.

There is no information about his education or where he went to school. He may be in university or high school based on her age, but his name is unknown. Joe had a strong desire to make others laugh and be entertained since a young age.

How much is Jeleniewska’s net worth?

He has yet to win any of the awards or be nominated for any of the nominations. His YouTube channel is still rapidly expanding and has a good chance of winning awards in the future. He has a net worth of between $100,000 and $200,000, according to estimates. Similarly, no information about his salary or residence is available. His net worth is influenced by his well-known YouTube channels, Instagram model, and various advertisements.

Furthermore, Joe primarily sells custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories from, which feature various stickers and prints. The merchandise is priced between $15 and $50, making it very affordable. As a result, his merchandise is frequently sold out. Additionally, as of March 2020, his YouTube channel, joewoahy, has a net worth of $17,000 dollars. His channel has over 370 thousand subscribers and has already published 145 videos. The total number of views for all of the videos is over 10.7 million. Furthermore, Joewoahy publishes three new videos each month on average.

Is Jeleniewska in a relationhip?

He is gay and is in a relationship with musician Julian Daniel. They first appeared together on Joewoahy’s YouTube channel, where he introduces him to the fans. They’ve been in a relationship since then. Joewoahy frequently shares pictures of his lover on social media. According to Joewoahy’s posts, the couple is currently living a happy life full of love.

Joewoahy shared a video called “Coming Out.” People expected him to share his emotional story, but instead he trolled everyone by claiming to be “Pickle.” Despite this, Joe revealed his sexual orientation. He also told his parents about his sexual orientation, and his mother is very supportive. However, according to reports, he has a strained relationship with his father. Furthermore, Joewoahy encouraged gay people and advised them not to be afraid of anyone.

Furthermore, there are no rumors or disagreements. He is not affected by the hater’s negative comment. He avoids controversies in order to concentrate on his YouTube and social media careers.

How tall is Jeleniewska?

Joewoahy has dark brown hair and eyes that are light brown. Furthermore, he stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs an unknown height of weight. Furthermore, no information about her body measurement is available.

Career line of Jeleniewska

  • He began his YouTube career by uploading videos to the Joewoahy channel. On June 25, 2016, he launched his YouTube channel as ‘Joewoahy,’ before posting a video on December 6, 2016 under the title ‘I CHOKED ON A TACO: Q&A.’
  • The majority of his posts feature vlogs, challenges, pranks, storytimes, gaming, reacting, and Q&A videos. Some of his most famous videos include “PLAYING EPISODE FOR THE FIRST TIME”, “someone ACTUALLY SENT ME THIS..*IM SHOCKED*”, “I TRYED PLAYING A HORROR GAME *SCARY AF*”, “NEET MY BOYFRIEND”, and “REACTING TO FUCKBOY MUSICAL.” LYS is a formalized abbreviation for Long-
  • He is also a model on Instagram. On Instagram, he has a larger fan base than he does on YouTube. On Instagram, he posts the photo, video, and memes.
  • Aside from that, he is passionate and posts interesting content that makes fans laugh and attracts internet users’ attention.