Who is Christina Milian Husband? Net Worth 2023, Age

Christina Milian announced on her Instagram account that she and her fiancé, Matt Pokora, have become parents to a son whom they have named Kenna Totta. It is Milian’s second kid with her partner Pokora, with whom she already has a son named Isaiah, who is one year and four months old. 

The celebrity is also the mother of a daughter named Violet Madison, who is 11 years old and whom she shares with her ex-husband.

Here in this article today, we are going to tell you all about Kenna Totta, the son of Christina Milian and Matt Pokora.

Kenna Totta Birth News

Christina Milian shared the news of her pregnancy with the world through Instagram in December, along with a series of images that displayed her rowing baby bulge. Pokora may be seen bending down to kiss her pregnant tummy in the first picture of the sunset, which the cameraman took on the beach.

Milian posted in the photo caption, “You and Me Plus 3 #morelove,”. In January 2020, Milian and Pokora became parents for the first time to a little boy named Isaiah. In May 2019, the actress discussed the challenges of homeschooling during the pandemic. 

As per a report on usaperiodical.com, Christina has also talked about her African ancestry which she uses to explain the color of her skin and her son’s too.

“I couldn’t be more ecstatic. My little one is in such a good mood. “Milian had stated this at the time. “To tell you the truth, in light of everything that’s been going on, the fact that we were able to spend so much time together without being compelled to go back to work immediately was somewhat of a gift in disguise. 

It’s been lovely to be at home and spend time with my baby during this bonding moment.” About the epidemic, she said, “Hopefully, this is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that’s happening, not something that will happen often.” “But despite the circumstances, I’m optimistic, and I try to find the good in any situation,” she said.

She felt blessed to find this gaming time with her kid and spend quality time with her family. Many stars like Morgan Frances Sailor, Isabelle Huppert, etc. during Corona Virus Pandemic, got a break from their schedule which helped them realize the value of family and friends.

Christina Milian’s Social Media Activity

Image Source: Christina Milian’s Instagram Account

Christina Milian

Image Source: Christina Milian’s Instagram Account

Milian recorded her pregnant figure on Instagram in the weeks leading up to the birth of her third child, showing off her increasing baby belly and expressing her eagerness to meet the newest addition to her family. 

She captioned one photo in which she modeled a sweater with the phrase “Serving maternity but make it stylish.” In another upload, she referred to herself as “Pretty Little Mama.”

“Kenna, Hello, and welcome to the world, little son! Ever since he was conceived, our lives have been one crazy experience after another. Every day, I thank God for giving me my husband’s incredible energy (I often wonder where he gets it from), and now I get to meet our happy and healthy newborn boy! Thankful. Blessed. 

Now we are celebrating 5 newborns.” Milian tweeted a snapshot of her child after giving birth.

“Thank you for being the most acceptable partner/dad/best friend a woman could ever want, my @mattpokora. You reign supreme in my estimation, “added Milian, who also posted a picture of Kenna’s adorable baby feet on her Instagram Story for the world to see.

“Hello there, my kid… Our little Kenna Totta is doing well, and his mom continues to wow us with her excellent care for him. Everyone is in excellent physical form. “On his Instagram feed, Pokora would occasionally post about the family. In addition, the new father published a picture of himself holding his son in black and white.

Milian published a series of adorable videos and photographs of her eldest daughter writing, drawing, and reading in honor of her daughter Violet’s birthday in February for the entertainment of her fans. “You are the most wonderful daughter and older sister I could ever have hoped for. 

Without you, V, there is no such thing as me! You’ve made it to the other side of the decade—congratulations! Your love is what keeps everything spinning around! Continue to shine, my darling! Forever Your Mom!”

 Christina Milian & Matt Pokora Love Story

When viewed from the outside, it is pronounced that Christina Milian, 37, and her fiancé Matt Pokora, 33, are completely obsessed. She said that after meeting at a cafe in France, the pair began dating in August of 2017 and have been together ever since. 

She stated, “So we exchanged numbers, found out that we both had the same birthday that night, and it was almost as if the stars had aligned.” What else contributed to the impression that they were destined to be together? 

According to Milian, Matt Pokora shared with her later that day his conviction that the couple would eventually become parents by revealing that he had a hunch about it. “He told me, ‘We’re going to have a child together.’… I’ve never had anybody say that to me,” she said, explaining that after she disclosed that she already had a daughter, he said, “Well, you don’t have a son.” “I’ve never had anybody say that to me,” she said. “I’ve never had anybody say that to me.”

Moving forward to July, as per a report on yahoo.com, Milian announced on her Instagram account that the couple was expecting their first child together. She said they would have a son on August 12 by posting a picture from the gender reveal party.

Violet, nine years old, is the only child Milian has with her ex-husband The Dream. Their son will become Violet’s younger brother. 

When Pokora first met Milian, he stated his desire to be a part of Violet’s life. Milian shared this sentiment with Pokora. In an interview with Daily Pop, she said that “from the beginning, he was interested in seeing my kid. He was on it. It was very wonderful. I’ve never seen somebody be like that.”

Milian & Pokora Relationship

There is no denying that Milian and Pokora did benefit from a fortunate confluence of events. Let’s take a trip down memory lane in honour of their love, and talk about how everything got started in the first place. They joined various sports and exercise clubs together to take care of their lifestyle and health.

As was said before, the two people got to know one another for the first time in a restaurant in France, which is Pokora’s home country.

During his career, the French singer and composer known by his birth name Matthieu Tota issued eight albums recorded in a studio setting. 

As per Wikipedia, In 2011, he was crowned the champion of the first season of France’s iteration of Dancing with the Stars, featured with co-stars like Kristie Alley, and others, and in 2016, he joined the coaching staff of The Voice Kids France.

It’s been fantastic! We had a wonderful time together, she said. “We just have a good time together,” she said. “We have the best time together. I could spend every day with him, every moment.”

She stated, “This is different than anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’m pleased that the universe brought us together. He’s honest, and we have a fantastic connection.” “I’m thrilled with the sort of person I’m with.” 

During the same interview, Milian disclosed that she desired to have further children and spoke against animal cruelty.

When it was first published in April 2019, his most recent album, titled Pyramide, immediately shot to the top spot on the music charts in France. We discovered that the actress from Falling in Love was no longer in a long-distance relationship with Pokora when she appeared on The Real in August 2018. This was because he had just relocated to Los Angeles.