What is Adam Orenstein Net Worth 2023; Career

Are you seeking a master cannabis cultivator to share the best marijuana-growing tips? Kyle Kushman uses his vast experience to teach the 420 community how to care for their plants.

He promotes the best cannabis seeds in the USA and offers advice on turning them into bountiful marijuana crops.

Facts of Kyle Kushman
Full Name Adam Orenstein
Age 56
Birthday September 11, 1966
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Nationality American
Profession Cannabis activist and entrepreneur

Do you want to know how Kushman started his career and became one of the best marijuana experts? Keep reading as we journey through this advocate’s biography and experiences.

Kyle Kushman’s Net Worth

Kushman’s endeavors as a writer, master cannabis grower, educator, and entrepreneur contribute to his wealth. There isn’t public information about his current earnings, shares, or possessions. One online source estimates Kyle Kushman’s net worth is between one and five million US dollars.

Who is Kyle Kushman?

Adam Orenstein adopted the pen name “Kyle Kushman” after landing an opportunity to write for High Times magazine.

Kyle is a world-renowned cannabis educator, writer, and advocate. He’s an award-winning marijuana cultivator who bred Strawberry Cough, Cherry Lopez, and Joey’s Strain.

The master grower uses various platforms, including YouTube and radio to teach people his organic farming techniques.

Kyle Kushman’s Early Life

Orenstein was born in 1966 in Long Island, New York. He grew up in Westchester, Yorktown, with his two older brothers. His father was an English teacher, while his mom was a housekeeper.

Kyle started cultivating small amounts of high-quality weed in the 1980s. His pot dealer taught him how to grow after Kushman allowed him to use his walk-in closet. He recalls, “The first buds I ever grew were the size of soda cans.” In those early days, indoor farming wasn’t widespread, but he ventured into it anyway.

Kushman started selling his organic Purple Kush weed in 1991. The dealer paid him $4,000 a pound in the same year.

His proprietor friend introduced him to High Times. The magazine published three photo essays about his growing garden, which began his career with the publication.

Kyle Kushman Career

Kushman started his career as a freelance writer for High Times, covering a monthly column called “Ask Adam.” Since he had no internet, the publication mailed him floppy disks with questions for him to answer.

In 2004, the magazine’s editors called Kyle and offered him a job as a staff writer earning a $35,000 annual salary. He had to relocate to New York City and create a unique pen name. Kushman took the job even though he didn’t know how to write professionally. He remembers how he submitted an article with 12 pages only for the editors to reduce the draft to four.

Adam started writing as Kushman for the magazine, educating people about the cultivation journey. His popularity rose after he began the STASH Awards and provided product reviews. He also wrote High Tech features revealing the best auto-growing systems, fertilizers, and measuring devices for farmers.

Kushman quit his staff writer position in 2004 after five years at High Times. He felt he’d fulfilled his potential in the post and wanted to move away from the city. The ganja guru then purchased a house in Willets, where he grew weed and developed a line of cannabis nutrients.

Kyle Kushman Businesses

After quitting, Kyle Kushman flourished as a cannabis entrepreneur. In 2006, he started his firm, Karma Consulting, to provide advisory services to medical cannabis growers. The same year, Kyle met the Unconventional Foundation for Autism founder, Mieko Hester-Perez, whose son had the condition. Kushman gave the 13-year-old boy, Joey, one of his potent organic weed strains.

After using it for three months, Mieko’s son showed massive improvement. The reported success prompted Kushman to name the weed Joey’s Strain.

In 2014, Kyle made another huge milestone when he launched Vegamatrix organic cannabis nutrients. “It took me ten years of product knowledge, three years of R&D, and an organic chemist to develop the product.”

Kyle Kushman’s Weed Activism

Kushman has continued his weed advocacy by collaborating with major organizations to help him spread the word about this herb.

In 2009, he started lecturing advanced horticulture lessons at Oaksterdam University (OU) in Oakland, California.

Shortly after, he began teaching about earth-friendly canna culture using veganic and organic nutrients. He lectured to over 300 students in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Oakland, and North Bay campus. Like Howard Stern, Adam also has a podcast, The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman, on CannabisRadio.com. He uses the platform to teach about marijuana and conduct interviews. Some renowned guests include Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Danny Danko, and Mikki Norris.

The weed connoisseur is vocal about his opinions towards the marijuana industry. He argues that the government should remove the six plants per home restriction.

More About Kyle Kushman

Kyle is married to Susie Ambrose, the vice president of Kyle Kushman Brands and Vegamatrix. The two met in 2011 when she took a course he was teaching in Ann Arbor. They later got married during the High Times Rasta Roots Festival in Jamaica.

Kushman has appeared in a Netflix documentary, Explained. He’s won numerous medical and best flower Cannabis Cup awards.

Like some of the greatest Instagram influencers, Kyle’s reach is wide, and many look to him for guidance on all things marijuana-related. In 2019, he received the 420 Icon accolade at the Cannabis Business Awards.

Recent Collaborations

Kyle has collaborated with Oaksterdam University to launch online courses teaching veganic and organic cultivation methods on his website.

The weed warrior is also working on a TV series, From Seed to Smoke which is currently in its first season. Kushman has teamed up with one of the largest seed banks in America, Homegrown Cannabis Co. Here, he goes above board to provide marijuana farmers with all the information about weed cultivation.

He publishes his growing guide on the company’s website and shares the best tips on its YouTube channel. Why not check out some of his content and start your own growth journey?