What is the Age of Louis Cole? Bio, Net Worth 2021, Height, Parent

Facts of Louis Cole
Full Name: Louis Cole
Age: 38 years
Birthday: 28 Apr
Birthplace: Epsom, Surrey
Nationality: British
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Taurus
Dating: Raya Encheva
Net Worth: $250,000
Height: 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m)
Profession: Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, Film-maker
Sibling: Two (sisters Darcy and Hilary)

Louis Cole is a filmmaker and a YouTuber from the United Kingdom. Louis Cole is the founder of several projects, including “Find The Nomads,” “Beyond Borders,” and “Boombus.”

He is best known for his vlog channel FunForLouis on YouTube. In 2019, he converted his channel from a travel vlog to a vegan cooking channel after receiving criticism.

What is the Age of Louis Cole?

Louis Cole was born on April 28, 1983, and will be 37 in 2020. Furthermore, his birth name is Louis John Cole and he was born in Epsom, Surrey, England. His online alias FunForLouis, however, is more well-known. Darcy and Hilary are Louis’ sisters.

Louis Cole
Caption: Louis Cole, Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, Film-maker (Photo: Instagram)

His father, Ben Cole, and mother, Liz Cole, are his parents. They can be found on Instagram as @mrcolecreates and @lizcole99. Based on their social media accounts, his father appears to be a chef and his mother a singer.

Who is Louis Cole Dating Currently?

Louis is currently dating Raya Encheva, a Bulgarian YouTube star. They’ve been dating since late 2015 and have two children. In addition, they made their relationship public in January 2016 by posting a video on Louis’ official YouTube channel titled 1000th VLOG W/ MY GIRLFRIEND.

Since then, the lovers have worked together on a couple of videos and have openly displayed their love on their respective social media accounts. They also travel together quite frequently.

How tall is Louis Cole?

In terms of body measurements, the Youtuber is 6’4″ tall and weighs around 78 kgs. Aside from that, no information is available about his other body measurements, such as chest-waist-hip, dress size, bicep, shoe size, and so on. He, too, has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Louis is also well-known for his long dreadlocks.

Estimated Net Worth of Louis Cole

Louis Cole
Caption: Louis Cole, Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, Film-maker (Photo: Instagram)

Moving on, his net worth is estimated to be in the $250,000 range. He earns the majority of his money from YouTube travel vlogs, filmmaking, and other sources.

Career line of Louis Cole

  • Louis Cole is a YouTube personality as well as a film maker. He was born in England but currently resides in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. He has over 2 million YouTube subscribers and is best known for posting a daily video blog on the channel FunForLouis, which documents his life and adventures around the world.
  • He first rose to prominence by filming eating stunts for another YouTube channel, FoodForLouis. However, he has removed these videos in order to focus on FunForLouis’s positive message.
  • Similarly, when he was younger, Louis appeared on the BBC television show Homefront. Then, in 2007, he bought and renovated a double-decker bus and outfitted it as a mobile center to provide music and video game facilities to homeless youth.
  • Louis Cole
    Caption: Louis Cole, Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, Film-maker (Photo: Instagram)
  • Currently, funding for this project comes from local council wards. In addition, in 2015, Discovery added him to its Digital Seeker Network. He was also named one of Forbes’ Top Influencers – Travel 2017 in 2017. Louis also shares videos with his friends Jack and Finn Harries.
  • On December 31, 2012, Louis Cole began uploading daily vlogs to his YouTube channel FunForLouis. As of the 25th of October, 2017, he had released 1486 vlogs in a row. Cole has amassed over 2 million subscribers as of April 2020 as a result of this strategy. Louis then relaunched his FoodForLouis channel in 2019 as a Vegan cooking channel.
  • In addition, Louis Cole has a social media travel management agency brand called Live The Adventure, which is often abbreviated as LTA, which is based on his slogan. Later, with Steve Booker and Jake Evans, he co-founded the clothing company “Find The Nomads.” It was founded on May 9, 2014, but it was dissolved on June 28, 2016.
  • Furthermore, for the project “Beyond Borders – A Journey Celebrating Global Diversity,” he flew to 22 cities with his friend and pilot Juan-Peter Schulze (JP) over a 60 – 90-day period. On August 21, 2017, this adventure began in Kern Valley, California, USA. Despite the fact that the journey is over, the film documenting it has been delayed for over a year.
  • Similarly, in 2016, Louis and Dave Erasmus co-founded “The Solvey Project.” They established it to support social entrepreneurs. In Reykjavik, Iceland, the duo gave a presentation titled “Social Progress – What Works?” Sigurur Ingi Jóhannsson, Iceland’s then-prime minister, was also involved.
  • Furthermore, on March 22, 2017, Louis Cole announced on his YouTube channel that he is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about a plane trip around the world. Beyond Borders – A Film Celebrating Unity with JP” is the title of the documentary.
  • They hit their £100,000 goal before the Kickstarter campaign ended. They received £111,563 in total funding from 1,666 backers. As of 2019, this project is in post-production, with an extended trailer premiering in September 2018 at the Buffer Festival in Toronto. Louis Cole also founded “Live The Adventure” and “The Social Good Club.”
  • Louis uploaded a video of himself to his YouTube channel Food For Louis in April of 2012. He’s eating a live goldfish in the video.
  • As a result, the RSPCA prepared an Animal Welfare Act 2006 case against him. He had previously only eaten invertebrates, so the fish was the first time he may have violated the law. The RSPCA’s approach to pursuing a “humane prankster” was criticized as “heavy-handed.”
  • He admitted his “guilt” and the case was settled. He was also cautioned, avoiding a trial and a possible criminal record. In addition, some animal lovers threatened Louis’ life. Louis has previously consumed locusts, raw hearts, maggots, roadkill rabbit, roadkill pigeon, a frog corpse, ragworms, and scorpions.
  • Louis Cole, on the other hand, claims that his videos are not cruel and that he kills the animals as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary suffering.
  • He claims that the viewers’ disgust stems from a lack of knowledge or prejudice against other culinary cultures. He has denied that his goldfish-eating stunt resulted in unnecessary suffering and claims that the RSPCA is “wasting its time” in pursuing the case.
  • Then, in early 2016, while driving with his girlfriend Raya in New Zealand, police pulled Louis over for exceeding the speed limit by 41 kilometers per hour. While the officer caught him traveling at 141 km/h (87 mph), Louis used discretion and registered it as 139 km/h.
  • Cole received a NZD$400 fine instead of automatic license suspension because he was officially registered at less than 40 km/h over the limit. In New Zealand, the story made front-page news.
  • Viewers also chastised him for his vlogs from his trip to North Korea in August 2016. They accused Louis of promoting North Korea and labeled his videos as propaganda for the regime. Louis then stated that he disagrees with the regime’s ideology and that the content was not funded by North Korea.