Who is Marjorie Bridges-Harvey Husband? Bio

What is Marjorie Bridges-Harvey Net Worth?

When the husband is such an accomplished individual, it is challenging to establish oneself. Surprisingly, Marjorie’s case is entirely persuasive. The woman is a fashion diva who shares useful advice on the internet.

The woman wants to teach people how to look without spending a lot of money. The lady’s personal handbag line, MH, is featured on her fashion site.

In addition to being so connected to the media and celebrity lifestyle, the precise net worth is unknown. The husband is estimated to have a net worth of more than $160 million.

Facts of Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Full Name: Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Age: 49 years old
Birthday: October 10, 1974
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Libra
Husband: Steve Harvey
Net Worth:  $160 million
Height: 5 Ft 8 Inches
Profession: American television host

American socialite, fashion icon, and internet celebrity Marjorie Harvey gained notoriety mostly as the wife of well-known television personality Steve Harvey. She married Steve Harvey, whom she had reportedly dated in the past, after two unhappy marriages.

What is Marjorie Bridges-Harvey Age?

On October 10, 1974, the gifted woman was born in the United States. Currently, Marjorie is 49 years old as of July 2023.

The woman was reared by Doris Bridge and was born to African-American parents. About the father and any of the siblings, not much is known.

The fashion blogger’s education is unknown, but she attended the University of Memphis to get a bachelor’s degree.

According to the woman’s accurate knowledge, she wasn’t extremely successful in her studies and was somewhat of a failure.

Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Caption: Marjorie Bridges-Harvey ( Photo: Instagram)

Surprisingly, her interest in fashion made her good at it, and now she instructs fashion on her personal site. She contributes to theladylovescouture.com, a fashion site.

The site is well-known in the fashion industry and offers advice on how to dress effectively, how to look nice, and how to exploit fashion to its fullest potential.

Who is Marjorie Bridges-Harvey Husband?

Her husband and Steve Harvey are two of the many factors that have contributed to Marjorie’s fame.

Popular comedian Steve Harvey has performed performances all over the world to overwhelmingly positive reviews and acclaim.

Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Caption: Marjorie Bridges-Harvey with her Husband ( Photo: Instagram)

Steve’s work is prominently displayed on programs like Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feuds. On June 25, 2007, the pair became legally married.

The twists and turns didn’t stop there; Harvey continued on his career to success and showed little regard for Marjorie.

After Steve’s divorce from his ex-wife Lee Shackelford in 2005, the couple reconnected, and their love grew even stronger.

Steve now freely acknowledges that Majororie taught him the value of love in life. Marjorie married Jim Townsend, her first ex-husband, in the latter part of the 1990s.

She married Darnell Woods a second husband. Additionally, Steve later adopted Marjorie’s children Morgan, Jason, and Lori Harvey.

Steve Harvey fell in love with Marjorie despite the fact that her second marriage had a less than ideal track record because of her endearing and beautiful nature.

Marjorie Bridges-Harvey’s Career Line

Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Caption: Marjorie Bridges-Harvey with her Family ( Photo: Instagram)
  • Marjorie Harvey has primarily been featured in the media as the wife of well-known television personality Steve Harvey.
  • She gained notoriety after it was revealed that the two were dating. Marjorie Harvey soon opened an account on the social media website “Instagram,” where she is now widely followed.
  • She just launched the project “The Lady Loves Couture” to address women’s beauty demands and demonstrate how to live a luxurious life on any budget.
  • The website provides a wide selection of lifestyle products as well as several beauty advice.
  • Marjorie Harvey has gained widespread praise as a result of this campaign.

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