Who is Matt Drudge Wife? Bio, Net Worth, Age

Matthew “Matt” Drudge is a well-known American journalist who founded the Drudge Report, a website that posts conservative news.

Facts of Matt Drudge
Full Name: Matt Drudge
Age: 55 years old
Birthday: October 27, 1966
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Scorpio
Dating: David Cohen
Net Worth: $160 million
Height: 1.74 m
Profession: American journalist

What is Matt Drudge Net Worth?

Matt Drudge
Caption: Matt Drudge with his Friend
( Photo: CBS News)

As of 2022, Matt Drudge’s estimated net worth was $160 million. His entire story is summarized in The Drudge Manifesto, a book that was a commercial success. Matt’s motivation and goals might serve as an example and a source of inspiration for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in journalism.

What is Matt Drudge Age?

In 2022, Matt Drudge will be 55 years old. He was born on October 27, 1966. Drudge reportedly spent his childhood in Tahoma Park in the city of Washington, D.C. After graduating from high school, he allegedly moved to Los Angeles where he eventually got a job at the CBS TV studio gift shop.

Matt Drudge
Caption: Matt Drudge
( Photo: Wikipedia)

It’s interesting to note that in 1994, soon after receiving a computer from his father, he started sending out an e-mail weekly containing news about the entertainment industry, the majority of which was hearsay or gossip.

What is Matt Drudge Height?

He is 1.74 m tall and 78 kg in weight. The bulk of the data in this newsletter was gleaned from what he would actually hear and/or observe on the CBS studio lot.

Eventually, in the early few months of 1995, he launched the Drudge Report from his house. He was seen ending his day after a year.

Who is Matt Drudge Wife?

Drudge’s sexuality is still a contentious issue despite his public persona. There are claims that Matt Drudge is homosexual. However, Matt Drudge has asserted that he is straight and not gay. David Cohen, a Washington, D.C., resident, was said to be dating Matt Drudge, and David verified the rumors to The New York Daily News.

Matt Drudge’s Career line

Matt Drudge
Caption: Matt Drudge
( Photo: Vanity Fair)
  • He became well-known in many political and media circles after founding the now-famous Drudge Report.
  • One of his early successes with the Drudge Report was being the first to reveal Senator Bob Dole‘s career of a running mate for the 1996 presidential campaign.
  • He also alerted then-President Bill Clinton of Kathleen Willey’s claims of sexual harassment, which is a significant development.
  • This happened in 1997, according to a report from Newsweek that is still unpublished. Drudge didn’t have it easy, especially after he was accused of releasing a story based on questionable sources.
  • This $30 million lawsuit was filed by Sidney Blumenthal, a White House employee.
  • Drudge’s name became well-known all around the world in the early months of 1998.
  • In spite of having a story ready on President Bill Clinton’s relationship with a former intern called Monica Lewinsky, Newsweek withheld its release.
  • Drudge made the decision to take advantage of the situation and publicize this once-in-a-lifetime event on January 17 as a result.
  • He is accused of referring to himself as a “citizen journalist” and defending himself in response to inquiries at the National Press Club.
  • He was well known for exposing politicians and writing typically divisive articles that made other reporters second guess or hesitate before covering them.
  • Even a few Drudge admirers and activists who routinely read his reporting thought he was changing the way news was reported.
  • The Drudge Report website had a tenfold increase in visitors from just $1 million to $10 million, which should not be surprising.