Nele Lindemann Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Nele Lindemann
Full Name: Nele Lindemann
Age: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Nationality: American
Horoscope: N/A
Boyfriend: N/A
Net Worth: $500 thousand
Profession: Artist
Sibling: N/A
Father: Till Lidermann
Mother: N/A

Nele Lindemann, Till Lidermann’s superstar infant in 1985, is a lead artist in the band “Lindemann DubZ.”

The name “Nele” has a German origin because her father, Till, is German and is the Frisian and Low German short form of Cornelia. In any case, the significance of the name denotes “corn” and “of the Cornelius family.”

How much is Nele Lindemann Net Worth?

Nele Lindermann has a total net worth of $500 thousand, which she has amassed through her work as an artist. She followed in her father’s footsteps and was on YouTube doing fronts for a variety of melodies. Her voice is truly saintly, and it is safe to say that she inherited all of her great qualities from her father.

Caption: Nele Lindemann childhood picture
Caption: Nele Lindemann childhood picture (Photo: Twitter)

Net Worth of Father

Till Lidermann, Nele Lindemann’s father has a staggering total net worth of $8 million. He obtained his wealth as a result of his successful career as an artist.

Caption: Nele Lindemann with her father
Caption: Nele Lindemann with her father (Photo: Glamour Path)

Aside from his singing and band careers, he has also dabbled in liquor production. He has his own vodka company called “Specialist Dill Vodka.” He also sells his product on the specialist dick website, indicating that he has an unhealthy obsession with penises.


Nele was the lead vocalist for the dubstep band Lindemann DubZ before going solo and covering diverse music from various craftsmen on her YouTube channel. Alistair Aiken is among her musicians: Science and technology

Nele Lindemann’s Early Life

Nele has one half-sibling through his father and his ex-girlfriend Anja Köseling. Her name is Marie Louise, and she was born in the year 1993. Till had been a single parent to Nel since 1995, and after meeting Anja, the two began to parent her.

Despite the fact that their mothers are not the same, Nele and Marie are close and frequently spend time with their father together.