Night Attack On Madhya Pradesh Toll Plaza, 2 Drown In Well While Fleeing

Night Attack On Madhya Pradesh Toll Plaza, 2 Drown In Well While Fleeing

While running to save themselves during an attack by masked gunmen, two employees at a toll plaza in Madhya Pradesh fell into a well and drowned. Yesterday, Srinivas Parihar of Agra and Shivaji Kandele of Nagpur were recovered from the well.

CCTV footage from Dagrai toll plaza on National Highway – 44 shows masked men riding near the toll booths around 10 pm on Tuesday, according to police. Some of the attackers manage to enter the toll booths after kicking at the doors. They damage computers, beat up the staff at the toll plaza and try to drag them out.

After the assailants started firing in the air, the staff ran into the adjoining field to save their lives. As they ran, Parihar and Kandele fell into the uncovered well behind the office and drowned.

On April 1, a new contractor was hired for the toll plaza between Jhansi and Gwalior. Locals, it is said, had an agreement with the previous contractor and their vehicles were allegedly cleared of tolls without payment. The new contractor refused to cooperate. According to reports, Tuesday night’s attack was planned to terrorize the new contractor.

According to the officer, a case has been filed against unidentified individuals and an investigation is underway.

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Studying in the United States is an exciting prospect, but navigating the healthcare system can be perplexing for international students. Unlike many countries worldwide, the USA lacks a nationalized or universal healthcare system.

Instead, it places the responsibility on individuals to secure private health insurance plans. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of health insurance for international students in the USA, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your study abroad journey.

Health Insurance in the United States

Medical costs in the US can be exorbitant, making health insurance a vital consideration for international students. Fortunately, there are affordable health insurance plans tailored for students. These plans offer coverage at costs significantly lower than what US citizens pay for their health insurance.

Your insurance plan should safeguard you from the moment you leave your home country until your return. It not only provides peace of mind but also proves invaluable in case of a medical emergency, ensuring you have the necessary protection.

Points to Know

Understanding the nuances of health insurance for international students is crucial. Here are key points to keep in mind:

  • The cost and policies of health insurance vary among campuses.
  • Some institutions mandate enrollment in specific health insurance plans.
  • Visa categories play a role in determining requirements.
  • Lack of insurance may impact your studies negatively.
  • Alternative methods exist for obtaining health insurance.

Find Your Insurance Plan

Find your requirements

Meeting the insurance requirements of your educational institution is essential. Some common considerations include:

  • Universities may have a required group plan with associated costs.
  • Students might have the option to choose a different plan.
  • Selected plans for independent purchase may be available.
  • Top universities may recommend affordable health insurance or suggest low-cost plans.

Understand your needs

Determining the best insurance for international students in the USA involves assessing your specific needs. Ask yourself:

  • What medical expenses can you afford?
  • What is your budget for insurance premiums?
  • Are there potential future medical needs?
  • Do you engage in sports that might pose insurance requirements?

Understanding your needs ensures you can evaluate and select the most suitable and cost-effective student insurance plans.

Find out what the plan covers

Thorough research into the features of your chosen plan is crucial. Ensure that the coverage aligns with your requirements. Opting for affordable health insurance that meets your needs is a smart solution.

Understand how your insurance plan works

US-based insurance plans typically have a network in the country. Knowing that the insurance company will directly pay healthcare providers can be advantageous. Some international insurance carriers may only reimburse expenses paid out of pocket. Familiarizing yourself with claim procedures is essential, as upfront payments and reimbursement processes can vary.

How to get Health Insurance in the USA as an International Student

Acquiring health insurance in the USA might seem daunting, but a step-by-step approach simplifies the process:

  1. Check with your university for available plans.
  2. Inquire about the inclusion of insurance costs in tuition or if separate payments are required.
  3. Explore companies offering health insurance for international students.
  4. Consult with brokers for additional options.
  5. Complete necessary forms, including waiver forms.
  6. Compare benefits and costs with plans from different companies.
  7. Confirm if coverage includes dependents.
  8. Select the most suitable plan and proceed with payment.

Cost of Health Insurance for International Students in USA

According to the American College Health Association, the average cost of university students’ health insurance plans ranges from $1500 to $2500 annually. All college health plans must meet the standards set by the American College Health Association.

Cheapest Health Insurance for International Students in USA

In many cases, the most economical health insurance for international students is obtained while still in their home country. It is advisable to secure valid and affordable health insurance before arriving in the USA. Obtaining health insurance within the USA could prove more expensive than acquiring it in your native country and using it in your visa application.


Navigating the intricacies of health insurance as an international student in the USA is essential for a seamless study abroad experience. By understanding the requirements, assessing your needs, and selecting a suitable plan, you ensure a period of comfortable and secure study in the USA.


  1. Can I purchase health insurance after arriving in the USA?
  • While it’s possible, obtaining insurance in your home country is often more cost-effective.
  1. Do all universities in the USA have mandatory health insurance plans?
  • No, requirements vary among institutions, so it’s crucial to check with your specific university.
  1. What does the average health insurance plan cover for international students?
  • Coverage typically includes medical expenses, emergencies, and sometimes dental and vision care.
  1. Can I include my dependents in my international student health insurance plan?
  • Depending on the chosen plan, coverage for dependents may or may not be included.
  1. Is it necessary to have health insurance for international students in the USA?
  • Yes, it is strongly recommended to ensure financial and medical security during your stay.