What is Pranjal Dahiya Net Worth 2023;Bio,Songs

Dancer, model, actor, and social media sensation from India Pranjal Dahiya. Following his debut in Pop song videos a few years ago, Pranjal gained notoriety. She has collaborated with well-known artists and pursued her love of modeling by participating in a number of fashion photo shoots.

Facts of Pranjal Dahiya

Full Name: Pranjal Dahiya
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: May 5, 2001
Birthplace: Rohtak, Haryana
Nationality: Indian
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Taurus
Marital Status: Single
Net Worth: 4 crore
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Profession: Dancer, Model, Actress

What is Pranjal Dahiya Net Worth?

Pranjal, who has just recently entered the field, is already a hot topic in the media. She not only succeeded in doing this, but she also made a good career as a model, actor, and dancer.

Pranjal Dahiya
Caption: Pranjal Dahiya
( Photo: Tring)

According to rumors, she bills anything from 2 to 5 lakh INR for a single video song. She is now signing numerous acting and brand sponsorship contracts.

As of October 2022, she already had a net worth of 4 crore Indian rupees. She is succeeding every day, which will subsequently raise her net worth in the next months.

What is Pranjal Dahiya Age?

Pranjal Dahiya, a member of the Haryanvi family from Faridabad, was born on May 5, 2001. Before migrating to Rohtak, Haryana, with her family, she lived in Faridabad for the majority of her life. She has a happy childhood spent with her family, friends from school, and siblings.

Pranjal Dahiya
Caption: Pranjal Dahiya
( Photo: Smfigure)

She was an outstanding student when she went to Dynasty International School in Faridabad. While she was in school, she participated in cultural events and enjoyed acting on stage and dancing.

When she was only eighteen and a half years old, she started her modeling career after graduating from high school and signed up with one agency. She hasn’t yet said which college she would go to for her graduate degree. She is only 20 years old and balances both her schoolwork and her modeling career.

What is Pranjal Dahiya Height?

She is a gorgeous girl with great body measurements and a really good personality. Pranjal Dahiya is 52 kg and stands at 5 feet 6 inches. She is in good health and has a lovely body figure. She has black eyes and black hair.

Who is Pranjal Dahiya Dating?

Pranjal Dahiya is dating someone. expressing unequivocally that Pranjal is single and putting her full attention into her acting career. A number of Haryanvi producers, singers, and models have worked with her.

She has also worked with many well-known Punjabi celebrities in the industry. She has collaborated with a large number of well-known celebrities, but she has never been photographed kissing or publicly declaring her love for any of them.

Although some claim she is romantically involved with Haryanvi music producer Aman Jaji, we think they are just close acquaintances who work together frequently. The love they share for one another is unmatched.

Pranjal Dahiya’s Career Line

Pranjal Dahiya
Caption: Pranjal Dahiya
( Photo: Peddler Media)
  • Working for local businesses and joining the P&M (Pawan Chawla) Movies Pt. Ltd. agency help Pranjal become very well-known.
  • She then had a variety of modeling opportunities.
  • She debuted in short films and song videos at the state level in 2019.
  • She rose to fame early in her career and was frequently asked to perform as a guest on events like Summer Blast, where many Punjabi singers were already well-known.
  • As a result of the relationships she built in the business, when her song “Nakhro” was released in February 2020, it received a large number of views on YouTube.
  • Here was where her real career in music began, and since then, she has been in countless music videos.
  • On February 2nd, 2022, her most recent music video, “Teri Rahungi,” will be made available.
  • This song, which was directed by MP Sega, is sung by Ndee Kundu.
  • Fans of Pranjal have already wished her luck with this song and can’t wait for it to be released.
  • Additionally, she has a YouTube channel with 51.7k subscribers. There, she interacts with her followers and frequently shares her Vblog.