Slazo Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Slazo
Full Name: Michael Kucharski
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 10 Apr
Nationality: Australian
Horoscope: Aries
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: N/A
Height: N/A
Profession: YouTuber, Business man
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Break Up: Chey

Michael Kucharski is known as “Slazo,” an Australian social media personality and “YouTube” sensation. Similarly, Slazo hosts roast videos, pranks, reactions, meme videos, challenges, and social-media commentary. Whereas, he is best known for his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Slazo567.’

How old is Slazo?

Michael will be 20 in 2020. He was born on April 10, 2000, in Australia, and his zodiac sign is Aries. Slazo is a term for deligracy. As a result, his parents’ identities remain unknown. Justice has not yet revealed any specifics about his sister or brother. Likewise, he is of Australian nationality. As a result, his ethnicity is still unknown.

In terms of Michael’s educational background, at his age, he might have completed his university degree. However, the correct information regarding his school and university name is still not available.

How much does Slazo earn?

Michael could have made a lot of money in his professional life. He has also amassed a sizable net worth and salary. Seeing his success in the field of social media, on the other hand. We can assume that he has a good salary and net worth.

Is Slazo single?

In terms of Michael’s personal life, he wishes to keep his personal life private, but details about his romantic life are being investigated.

Chey, Slazo’s ex-girlfriend, accused Slazo of controlling and manipulative behavior, as well as sexual abuse, in a screenshot posted on TwitLonger on June 10, 2019. The next day, June 11th, Keemstar posted on DramaAlert and revealed a DM between himself and Slazo, stating that more was available, but he was willing to take time to clear all charges. Chey followed DramaAlert with a second TwitLonger. At a meeting, he accused Slazo of cheating on Keemstar and threatened her. On June 27, Slazo released a video revealing that Chey had taken aggressive DMs and lied to some of her arguments, such as her former husband before Slazo, following her application for decent legal advice and treatment in behavioral wellbeing.

The screenshots from the DM Chey presented a background in which, while Slazos’ poor communication skills were visible. Whereas sensitive topics were avoided, much of the evidence of sexual harassment clearly demonstrated that an agreement between the two parties was reached. Further evidence of the false charges was leaked from Slazo DM’s ex and accuser, demonstrating that they had collaborated on the charge at least a few weeks before it was made public, even though the charges were false.

When the charges were first made public, several YouTubers, including ImAllexx and SootHouse Wilbur, were among those who spoke out. They used Twitter to set themselves apart from Slazo. Following the contradictory allegations, a few YouTubers apologized in part. ImAllexx, KingAni, and Weesterner doubled their stance, and Slazo accepted their decision to get rid of him.

Further DMs from YouTuber Turkey Tom have revealed that some YouTubers in the commentary group collaborated with the accused to remove Slazo. The reason for this is currently unknown. Slazo stated that he was simply taking a break from YouTube to care for his own health. He also claimed to have seen a psychologist.

How tall is Slazo?

Michael is a handsome and talented man. As of now, he is of average height and weight. As a result, details such as her exact height, body weight, body measurement, shoe size, and many others are still unknown. Similarly, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Career  line of Slazo

  • Michael has been interested in acting since he was a child. Michael grew up to become a YouTube celebrity who achieved a lot through his YouTube profile. With the help of his entertaining videos, his popularity has grown day by day. On the other hand, on 1 April 2013, Slazo launched his ‘YouTube’ channel ‘Slazo567,’ revealing his first episode, ‘Harry Potter and the MLG Stoner,’ on 18 December 2014.
  • It has since received over 196,000 views. He then watched videos such as ‘MLG Narnia.’ He then watched ‘THIS THING IS A SCAM (Juicero).’
  • His roasts, pranks, reaction videos, comedy video challenges, social-media commentary, meme videos, and vlogs all helped to boost his reputation as a ‘YouTube’ star.
  • THE ABSOLUTE SIZE OF GRU, which was published on June 30, 2018, was the most popular video on his website. To date, more than 2,9 million views have been obtained. Other popular videos on his page include ‘ is RUINING Rick and Morty,’ ‘Awful Tiktok Videos,’ ‘NASTIEST INSTAGRAM FOOD,’ and ‘INSTAGRAM ‘CHEFS.’ The channel had over 776 subscribers who were active.
  • Over 110 million views have already been recorded.
  • Slazo was mentioned in a YouTube video by Pyrocynical, a famous English celebrity. Slazo’s Internet fame inspired him to create his own products, such as hoodies, jerseys, and mugs with his name written on them. Items can be found on the ‘https:/’ page.
  • Slazo is not only active on YouTube, but also on other social media platforms. He now has over 73,2000 followers on Instagram and over 93.7 thousand fans on his ‘Twitter’ account, ‘slazo.’
  • Slazo returned about two months later, on September 8, 2019, with the video titled ‘I Put Bread on the Ground to Create an Earth Sandwich.’ In his video, he says, “I feel like that whole break with that controversy and that all of it gave me the step back from YouTube to reassess my wishes, though it hurt, in a way it was terrible.”
  • On November 28, Slazo posted a video titled “Being ‘Cancelled,'” which sheds some light on his own experience during the conflict.
  • His most recent comments video, which was posted on April 21st, and his next video, which was posted on August 27th, were both longer than the upload break he formally declared in the summer of last year.
  • His classic videos in commentary style will be released in early 2020.
  • After the controversy, Slazo addressed his life and the status of his channel in the video titled ‘They ruined my life…,’ posted on August 27, realizing that his release schedule did not conform, but anticipating a return of more regular, higher-quality uploads, including one of these videos the following week.
  • He reported that an interview on the Kavos channel was conducted that night; this interview was not published after September 5th.
  • Slazo announced the establishment of Slazo Media in 2020, which operates the Slazo channel and three Reddit sites. Emkay, EzPz (no relation to the YouTuber EZ PZ), and Chris Cross, in that order. Collingwood, Australia is the location of the company.