What is Thalita Do Valle Age? Bio, Net Worth 2023

Thalita Do Valle
Facts of Thalita Do Valle
Full Name: Thalita Do Valle
Age: 30 June 2022
Birthday: 1983
Birthplace: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Gender: Female
Material Status: Single
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Profession: Model, actress

Brazilian beauty Thalita Do Valle also served as a volunteer, socialite, and soldier. She is well recognized for both her modeling career and her work as a sharpshooter for the militaries of Iraq and Ukraine. Thalita was a kind woman who spent her entire life defending both people and animals.

What is Thalita Do Valle Age?

Thalita Do Valle
Caption: Thalita Do Valle
( Photo: Daily Star)

Born in the Brazilian city of Ribeirao Preto in 1983, Thalita Do Valle. She then settled with her family in Sao Paulo. She spends little time at school. The model reportedly attended a law school in her home country and then went on to earn her law degree.

What is Thalita Do Valle Height?

Thalita Do Valle
Caption: Thalita Do Valle
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She is a gorgeous girl with great body measurements and a really good personality. Thalita Do Valle was 58 kg and 5 feet 5 inches tall. She is in good health and has a lovely body figure. Her eyes are gray, and she had brown hair.

Who is Thalita Do Valle Dating?

Thalita did not have a romantic relationship with a handsome man. She never disclosed any information regarding her private life. She helped people for most of her life.

She met Mr. Douglas Burigo of the Brazilian army when she traveled to Ukraine to stop the Russian invasion. As countless pictures of them both circulate online, they both end up being great friends.

There was no romantic interaction between them, though. On June 30, 2022, Douglas lost his life while attempting to save his best friend Thalia Do. He was making an effort to free her from the bunker.

Thalita Do Valle’s Career Line

Thalita Do Valle
Caption: Thalita Do Valle
( Photo: News Unzip)
  • Previously, Thalita Do Valle listed her nursing position at Erbil International Hospital on her Linkedin profile.
  • Thalita also takes engaged in humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
  • She held the office of Secretary of State for Civil Defense while continuing to work as a fireman.
  • According to her LinkedIn page, her most recent volunteer work involved leading the Peshmerga LLC as a military commander (Civil Rights and Social Action).
  • Before turning sniper against Russian troops in Ukraine in 2016, Thalita served as a soldier in Iraq fighting the Islamic State.
  • Additionally, she received sniper training from the Peshmergas in Independent Kurdistan.