What Happened to Shyla Walker Sister? Bio

What Happened to Shyla Walker’s Sister?

Shyla Walker, a YouTuber, took to Instagram on November 29 to share a heartfelt post about her sister Shanice Walker. Fans have been concerned about the two since then.

Shyla Walker has been vocal about her sister’s health issues on social media since the former rose to prominence. Shyla confirmed on November 30 that her sister had died after a long battle in the hospital.

Shanice Walker, 24, died of “immense brain damage,” according to the 24-year-old influencer. She revealed the following details in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Shyla Walker describes an altercation with doctors prior to Shanice Walker’s death.

Shanice Walker’s sister revealed that doctors had “given up on her even before they ran tests” as she fought for her life in the hospital. According to Shyla Walker, the medical staff refused to give her body any more medication or fluid because they believed it would be ineffective.

She also stated that doctors threatened to remove Shanice’s ventilator, which kept her breathing. Shyla begged in a deleted social media post:

“She is running on borrowed time unless we can get help. We are fighting for her life and are begging you all for help.”

Shyla Walker took to social media, posting an emotional message while her sister was fighting for her life in the hospital. Shanice Walker, she revealed, was 29 years old and the mother of two young girls. Shyla Walker added the following to the now-deleted post:

“We were just getting our family together again…we had our first family dinner on Saturday…I can’t remember if I told my sister I loved her that day; that was the last time I saw her healthy; my mother is a mess; hearing a mother cry over her dying child is a sound I pray none of you ever have to experience.”

Shyla Walker announced the death of her sister on November 30. She posted a series of photographs with the caption:

“Life is cruel. My sister deserved to grow old. The memories haunt me for now, but I pray one day they bring me peace.”

Shyla Walker stated prior to Shanice Walker’s death that they were attempting to transfer her sister to “UCLA, Mayo Clinic, or Cedar Sinai neuro departs for care and second opinions.” The social media influencer also raged that Dr. Anthony Murphy and Dr. Ajeet Sodhi were among those who denied her sister treatment. Shanice Walker was in critical condition at Northridge Hospital.